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Cyber Security Awareness Training

The most trusted source for computer security training, certification, and research

The Mount has partnered with the SANS Institute, an industry leader in information security training, to provide you with a free, online cyber security awareness course, designed to inform you of how to protect yourself, your family, and the Mount community from cyber crime.

In the course, you will learn about Internet crimes such as phishing and email scams, while learning how to better protect your information online. 

Signing Up For the Training

Students, click here and fill out the sign up form  >>

(Tip: Sign in with your email address using all lowercase letters, not your jdoe2-style username.)

Faculty and staff, click here for the Intranet page on the course for you >>

Student Course FAQs

(Click here for staff and faculty course FAQs.)

Where do I login?

Go to this webpage to access the training:

What is my SANS Institute login?

Use your email address in all lowercase letters (e.g. to log into the SANS training site.

What is my SANS Institute password?

Students will need to first enroll in the course using this form. Then you will receive a welcome email from within two business days containing your initial SANS password. You will need to reset your password the first time you log in.

Is my SANS password the same as my Mount network password?

No, your SANS password is not the same as your Mount password. If you change your Mount password, this will not change your SANS password, and vice versa.

I forgot my SANS password, so how to I reset it?

Go to the login page at Click on the "Reset Password" located by the text "Forgot Your Password?", and follow the directions. They will send an email to your address with a link you can click to reset your password.

sans forgot password form screenshot

How long does it take to receive my welcome email?

Enrolling you in the course is not an automatic process, so it will take up to two business days for you to receive the welcome email. If you have not received it after three days, please contact the IT&S Help Desk at or 902-457-6538.

I didn't get the welcome email inviting me to take the course. What do I do?

First check your junk folder to see if it's in there. If it's not there, contact the IT&S Help Desk at or 902-457-6538 for assistance.

Can I do the training in more than one session?

Yes, the course is composed of 11 modules. While each individual module must be completed in one session, you can return anytime to do other modules.

How do I know if I successfully complete the course?

When you complete the course, you will receive an email from congratulating you on completing the course. Also, in the SANS training site, you will see a badge icon next to the course title. You can click on this badge icon to download a printable certificate.

Where the SANS training data stored?

The SANS Institute uses Amazon Web Services for hosting their website, so the data is stored outside of Canada.

What information about me will be stored in the SANS training site?

If you enroll for this course, your name and MSVU email address will be uploaded to the SANS training site. Your other contact information (address and phone, etc.), educational history (i.e. major, Mount course history, grades, etc.), or other personal information will not be uploaded to the SANS Institute training site.

As you do the course, the SANS website will record data about your course completion status, IP address,  and browsing activity on the site, and the site uses cookies. You can read more about the SANS Privacy Policy here.

Please also see the Mount's Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.

Why does it say I have completed all required training under the “Required Training” column?

This training is not required, and the message “All required training has been completed” can be ignored.  (No "required training" was ever assigned to you.) Look under the “Recommended Training” column on the right for the training you enrolled in.

Is this course eligible for the Co-Curricular Recognition Program (CCRP)?

Yes, if you complete the Cyber Security Awareness Training course, it can be included on your CCRP transcript.

Is this course eligible for the Mount Learning Passport?

No, this course is not eligible for the Mount's Learning Passport program.

Further Assistance

For further assistance, contact the IT&S Help Desk at 902-457-6538,, or visit the desk in the lower level of the Library, EMF 106.