Counselling Services

Our Counselling Services team provides FREE personal and academic counselling to any registered Mount student in a relaxed, inclusive, and confidential environment. We are committed to supporting students of all diverse identities.

Health Office

The Health Office, located on the second floor of Assisi Hall, is available to help students with matters such as guidance and paperwork on Gender Affirming surgeries, hormone injections, Pre- and Post-Op Care, and referrals to specialists. They also host various events such as the Health Clinic for Trans, Non-Binary and Questioning Students.

Wellness Centre

Located besides the Students’ Union, the Wellness Centre offers a range of supports and services including socials and de-stressers, as well as the Wellness Pantry where students can check out foodstuffs and other goods.

Pride Centre

The MSVUSU Pride Centre offers Mount students and community members support via resources, campus campaigns and events. Located in room 111A of the Rosaria Student Union Building, just inside the Crows Nest Computer Lounge.

Queer Student’s Representative

The Queer Student’s Representative sits on the Mount Saint Vincent University’s Student Representative Council to act as a liaison between the Student’s Union, the Pride Centre, and the Queer constituency on and off campus. The Queer Rep also is responsible for ensuring that the Student’s Union and Pride Centre are adequately concerning and acting on issues and concerns of the LGBTQ* community. The Queer Rep is most importantly an ally and advocate for MSVU students.

Harassment and Discrimination Advisor

MSVU’s Harassment and Discrimination Advisor acts as a confidential, fair and impartial resource to the University community on all aspects of harassment and discrimination. The Advisor offers advice and support to any student, faculty or staff member who has concerns about harassment or discrimination. The Advisor also works to resolve informal complaints of harassment and discrimination and, when required, refers formal complaints to an external investigator for investigation.

Gender-Inclusive Washrooms

Gender-inclusive washrooms are available across the Mount campus in the following locations:

  • Seton Academic Centre (453)
  • Rosaria Student Centre (402)
  • Evaristus Hall (212, C303, C304, C408, 409, 421, 453)
  • Margaret Norrie McCain Centre for Teaching, Learning and Research (113)

These washroom are also labelled on the Campus Map.