MSVU celebrates all aspects of a student’s unique identity, including their sexual and gender identities.

The many emotions that a student typically feels during their time at university, can be heightened for 2SLGBTQIA+* students. MSVU has many support services available.

2SLGBTQIA+ is an acronym for two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual while + stands for other ways individuals express their gender and sexuality outside heteronormativity and the gender binary.

Preferred and Legal names

A preferred or chosen name is a name that you commonly use that is different from your legal name – it is about what you want to be called.

The Mount allows students to use their preferred name for certain purposes such as class lists, e-mail addresses, and student ID cards. There is also a guide to walk you through the steps of changing your legal name.

Changing Your Gender Marker

Your assigned sex on your birth certificate can also be changed through Nova Scotia Vital Statistics. They require the application form to be filled out and submitted with:

“A written statement from the applicant that the applicant has assumed, identifies with, and intends to maintain the gender identity that corresponds with the change requested.”

“A written statement from a prescribed professional* that confirms the assigned sex shown on the applicant’s birth certificate registration does not correspond with applicant’s gender identity.”

Where can I get a written statement from a professional at the Mount?

Maxine Brewer, Manager of Health Services, would be happy to assist any students looking to change their gender marker by providing a letter of confirmation that your assigned sex does not correspond with your gender identity. You can email for more information.

Services on campus

Mount Saint Vincent University offers several services to assist students and staff with their day-to-day activities. Our counselling services team provides personal and academic counselling to any registered Mount student in a relaxed, inclusive, and confidential environment. In addition, there are also gender-inclusive washrooms and residence options available.