African Heritage Month at MSVU

February is African Heritage Month, a time devoted to honoring and recognizing the accomplishments and contributions of people of African descent in Canada. While the true purpose of African Heritage Month may be as varied as the branches of a Baobab tree, the core definition recognizes that members of Canadian society must extend their history study to include the innumerable contributions people of African ancestry made to the intricate tapestry of Canadian history.

Connected By Our Roots: The History We All Share

This theme draws on the collective experiences that make us who we are—connected through history and offers an opportunity for a shared future. Many of the events planned for February will focus on recognizing the complex connections we all share to a place or a particular time and how this connection can empower us as we forge a way forward that acknowledges the past and uplifts our hopes for the future.


Schedule of events

MSVU African Heritage Month Opening Ceremony
January 30, 2023 | 11:30 – 12:30 p.m. |Art Gallery

Join the Black Student Support Office for the Opening Ceremony on Monday, January 30th at 11:30 am—we will feature performances, African art and drumming. A preview of the month’s calendar will be shared at this event, or you can view it on the Black Student Support Office webpage. We hope to see you there as we embark on a month of connection, reflection, and community building.

Elders’ Circle with Rev. Dr. Ross
January 31st, 2023 | 12:00 – 2:00 p.m. |Peace Room (EVAR. C410)

The Elders’ Circle project connects students with Elders from the local community and Elders with the MSVU campus. This initiative helps bridge the intergenerational knowledge gap within the Black community and provides an opportunity for Elders to host a discussion with students, staff and faculty. We are honored to have Rev. Joyce Ross share her experience at January’s gathering.

African Heritage Month Symposium 

A Reflective Conversation: Black/African History over the 150 years at MSVU
February 27, 2023 | Time to be Determined | Online

The MSVU History Department will share an overview of the history of Black experience-sharing hubs that will provide a space for reflective conversation and all over the MSVU campus. There will be virtual and in-person options available. Tell a friend or bring a friend as we come together to see that our connections can strengthen our identities and empower us as we move forward to create a future that uplifts the community.

Each session can be accessed in person in the BSSO Lounge.

Email for more information and the link to join virtually.

Community Collaboration

February 17th-19th | MSVU MPR (Rosaria)

Community collaboration with the African Canadian Services Education, Tunnel Vision Association and MSVU Black Student Support Office. This event will provide opportunities for African Nova Scotian youth to become more familiar with the MSVU campus, engage in basketball competition, and participate in workshops and presentations. All MSVU community members are welcome to attend and participate!

MSVU African Heritage Month Closing Ceremony

After an insightful and meaningful reflection of African Heritage Month join the Black Student Support Office for our closing ceremony on Tuesday, February 28th at 1PM in McCain 302. This ceremony will be a time to honor those who have greatly contributed towards the rights and preservation of our African heritage.

African Heritage Month Fair

This fair will showcase MSVU students of African heritage and their various international backgrounds, this is amazing opportunity to soak in and appreciate a plethora of unique cultures. This fair will highlight members across the African diaspora and their distinct history, values, and cultures.