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Why live on campus?

Apart from the convenience of living close to all campus resources (e.g., library, dining hall, campus security, and gym), you also have the opportunity to become more involved in campus life; investigate the possibilities, take advantage of residence leadership opportunities and make the most of your university experience!

We encourage you to learn more about your residence options, and invite you to book a personalized campus tour to see your options in person!

Your Residence Options

Want to see a video tour of the campus and residence? Check out the Campus Tour Videos.

Assisi Hall (Traditional) – View video tour

Ideal for first-year students, this building welcome 142 students, almost all in single rooms. Assisi Hall has kitchenettes, lounges, laundry, and direct access to the dining hall in Rosaria.

Room Size: 12′ * 9.5′

The Birches (Townhouses) – View video tour

The Birches are a group of 5 roomy townhouses, each with 21 single rooms. Each townhouse has Wi-fi, a lounge, kitchen, laundry room and storage.

Room Size: 11′ * 10′

Westwood (Residence for students ages 19+) – View video tour

Westwood is geared towards upper-year students and includes mostly 4-bedroom, fully-furnished apartments, each with a living room, kitchen, Wi-Fi, laundry, and phone.

Room size (Apartments): 13′ * 8.5′
Room size (Single Rooms): 20′ * 8.5′