Resources for Writing Instruction

Writing is taught in a variety of ways at MSVU and there are a number of resources on campus for you to draw on. The Writing Centre provides some assistance in helping students with their writing, but here are some other resources that you can use on campus.

The International Education Centre

The International Education Centre (IEC) offers Mount international students free assignment and language support. In addition to assisting with grammar, listening, reading and speaking skills, we also work on improving sentence-level writing and navigating the transition to writing in an academic context. Students can book an appointment by emailing Note: Students that require more intensive writing support are encouraged to contact the Mount Writing Centre.

English/History Writing Workshops

The English and History departments offer free, weekly, peer-facilitated English/History writing workshops on topics related to essay organization, editing, and scholarly format. The peer leader will also facilitate discussion groups focused on topics of analysis and research. Open to all students taking English and/or History courses.

For more information: follow @mountwriting on Twitter for updates on times and locations

Graduate Student Academic Writing Group

The MSVU Graduate Student Academic Writing Group holds regular meetings during the Fall and Winter terms. All graduate students are invited to join this emerging community of scholars dedicated to helping one another navigate this concentrated period of research and writing.

For more information: email

Learning Strategist Services

The Learning Strategist recommends strategies that students can apply to become more engaged and active learners. Whether it is managing time, getting organized or preparing to do well on an exam, students may contact the learning strategist to explore specific strategies and skills they may need to meet their academic goals. The learning strategist can make referrals and provide information about other student services on campus, and will work with students individually or in small groups.

The Writing Minor

The Writing Minor is for those who want to explore the theory and practice of writing in a more intensive way than is possible in other courses. From histories, practices, and theories of rhetoric and composition to creative writing and the principles of editing and researching in a digital age, the topics covered in the Writing Minor examine various aspects of the academic discipline of writing studies.