You know how to be a student, but do you know how to be an MSVU student? Don’t waste your time searching for the answers when everything you need is in Mount 101.

We created Mount 101 because students like you said that they wanted to know this information earlier. It’s also part of MSVU’s larger commitment to accessible education. Mount 101 ensures that everyone has the same foundation when starting at MSVU. Trust us, it’s good for you (kind of like those vegetables you were always told to eat as a kid).

What is Mount 101?

The Mount Mentors

A group of senior students who are here to act as your own personal tour guide throughout the year. Your Mount Mentor knows what it’s like to be an MSVU student, because they are MSVU students. And they’re here to answer questions you didn’t even know you had. So don’t worry when you get an email from a random stranger who says they’re your Mount Mentor. They’re here to help and want to hear from you. You can contact them any time at

Check out their tips for students like you in the Mount Mentor Tips or follow them on Instagram (@mount101__msvu) for helpful information and insight into being a student at MSVU!

Book an appointment with a Mount Mentor

The Online Program

Learn more about MSVU and build on what you already know about being a student. It’s information that’s so important – it’s mandatory! Find out more information below or head to our FAQs for first year students or FAQs for transfer students directly.

Part 1: Your Early Orientation

Exploring the Mount is your go-to guide to MSVU. Find your way around the university, see what to expect in classes, and learn about all of the support that’s available. Complete this early orientation to get your first semester off to the right start.

Part 2: Academics at MSVU

Living the MSVU Life is full of strategies that can help you during your first semester. Learn how adopting a growth mindset and using GRIT can set you up for success.

Digging into Study Skills and Active Learning refreshes your study habits and gives you some new ideas and approaches. Try something new and study smarter, not harder.

Levelling up Your Reading Skills takes your reading to the next level. Use the strategies here to help you get through (and remember) all your assigned readings.

Ramping up for Research gives you the tools to make sure you’re an expert researcher. Use this section to learn how your research can pass the CRAAP test!

Boosting Your Writing Skills builds upon what you already know about writing. Learn how to write across disciplines and how the writing process can work for you, not against you.

Looking for something specific? Use the Academic Resources in Mount 101 and Academic Resources in Mount 201 to find the resources you need, when you need them.