Know which phone number to call

MSVU Security has two phone numbers for people on campus to call if they require assistance. One is for emergencies only, while the other is for general inquiries and other non-emergencies.

It’s crucial that the emergency phone number be used only in emergency situations. When this number is called for a non-emergency (for example, to request to have a door unlocked), the line becomes tied up, delaying contact for those who require an immediate response due to an emergency.
Please use the following guidelines when determining which number to call:

When to call the MSVU Security Emergency Line: 902-457-6111

For any emergency on campus that requires an immediate response from Security, such as a medical issue, fire, personal safety concern or suspicious activity. Security will assess the situation and determine if calling 911 is required.

Note: there are several exterior emergency phones across campus which provide a direct connection to the Security Emergency Line. They are painted yellow and identified with red “Emergency phone” signs. Locations can be found at

When to call MSVU Security Non-Emergency Line: 902-457-6412

If you’re reporting suspicious circumstances after the fact (i.e. there is no immediate threat to your safety or the safety of others), requesting the Travel Safe Service, need a door unlocked, and for all other non-urgent requests/inquiries.

Note: There is an intercom system mounted on the walls across campus that can be used to reach Assisi Desk for non-emergency inquiries or requests for service.

When to call 9-1-1

Per the recommendation of the Halifax Regional Police (as noted on their website), you should call 9-1-1 immediately “if someone’s life or property is in danger, or if you see a crime in progress. Halifax Regional Police define ‘in progress’ as currently happening, or any situation where the suspect may still be in the area and/or the victim may still be in danger.” Find more information on the Halifax Regional Police website.

If you call 9-1-1, please alert MSVU Security to the emergency as well, via the Emergency line.