PsychoPy is an open-source cross-platform application for running behavioral science experiments in Python.

On Campus Computer Labs:
PsychoPy is available in various computer labs on campus.
Secure access to a lab computer can be achieved remotely using the MSVU Remote Computer Access Portal from your device using your MSVU login credentials.

Faculty and Staff MSVU Computers:
PsychoPy can be installed on MSVU computers, please contact the IT&S Help Desk to request a ticket for installation identifying application to be installed and asset number of computer.

Faculty, Staff and Student Personal Computers:
PsychoPy downloads are available for installation on personal equipment.

PsychoPy will operate on Windows, macOS or Linux.

Improved performance will result with an AMD or NVidia graphics card that supports OpenGL 2.0.  Avoid built in Intel graphics chips.


  • For assistance regarding installation of PsychoPy, please contact the IT&S Help Desk
  • Getting Help with PsychoPy: Documentation.
  • Students using the software as part of a course may ask their instructor for assistance.