About Mount 101

Welcome to Mount 101! A free program designed for all incoming undergraduate students. If you're starting out at the Mount, you probably have some questions about what life at the Mount will be like. Mount 101 is here to answer these questions and to help you get the most out of your time here. You'll be enrolled in Mount 101 once you start at the Mount.

The online program is your introduction to university. Its activities and materials are designed to help you find your way around the Mount and to help you build a foundation for academic success. You can complete the three parts at your own pace and you can revisit the material as many times as you want. Look for the online program on your Moodle dashboard. 

You'll also have a Mount Mentor, who is here to answer any question you might have during your first year here. Mount Mentors are senior students who know what it's like to start out at the Mount. They're here to help make your transition to university as smooth as possible. 

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Who We Are

Get to know the Mount 101 Program Coordinator and the Mount Mentors, here.

If you have any questions or want to contact your Mount Mentor, email us at mount101@msvu.ca.

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