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2018 Summer Camp Staff:

2018 Summer Camp Team - for webBack Row (L to R):  Lauren, Jordan, Victor, Stephanie, Maddy, Kendra, 

Middle Row (L to R): Eliana, Courtney, Kate, John, Nicole

Front Row (L to R):  Nick, Patrick, Kwasi

Bully Proof for children

- for elementary school age children 5-12 years of age

Don't wait!  Teach them to be their own superhero! 

As a family you can learn the techniques needed to respond to a bullies now, before an incident occurs.

"Bully Proof” is assertiveness training for school aged children, 5-13 years of age. These workshops are designed to teach youth and children how to walk, talk, act, avoid being a target and prepare a plan for dealing with bullies.  Bully Proof places emphasis on how reporting incidents to parents/teachers is a strength.  The program provides life lessons and gives families valuable information.  

Parents/guardians and their children attend this workshop together.

Date:  Sunday, April 28, 2019

Time:  1:00 - 3:00pm

Fee:    $20.00 ($23.00 HST inc) for 1 child & parents or guardians

           $35.00 (17.25 HST inc) for 2 or more siblings & parents or guardians

Location:  Mount Fitness Centre Exercise Room

Instructors:  Frank & Joanne Zinck

To Register:  Call the Mount Fitness Centre at 902-457-6420

Bully Proof & PD Day Camp Registration Form: 2018-19

PD camps are for children currently in Grades PR-6.

Summer Camps are for children entering Grades 1-6 in September. 

• 2018-19 Day Camps PD & March Break

• Summer Camp 2019

Shotokai Karate is a fun way for children to be active and stay fit.  Shotokai is a non-competitive martial art that empowers children to improve themselves through practicing Karate-do.

Beginner and Intermediate options for children ages 7 - 15.

• Karate