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Community Memberships            

Membership Forms:

We require all persons to complete the form below before attending a program and beginning a membership.  

 Complete and bring to your first class or drop it off at the Fitness Centre Desk.

Registration Form

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Mount Students
Staff and Faculty

Mount Faculty & Staff

Refund Policy 

  • Membership Refund Policy: 
    Membership refunds will be granted within 5 days of purchase.  If requesting a refund after the fifth day, refunds will be given with medical or work related documentation (See below).
  • Active Living Progrram Refund Policy:
    Full refund within five days of first class.
     Prorated refunds will be given after the fifth day with medical or work related documentation (See below).

  • Children's Day Camp Refund Policy:
    - Refund requests: To receive a full refund minus the withdrawal fee, you must  cancel your registration three  weeks  prior  to the day or week of camp that you are requesting withdrawal from.  Exception: Medical reason with supporting documentation.

    - Withdrawal Fee: For every registration, there is a $5 per day, non-refundable administrative
    withdrawal fee.


Refunds will be processed from the date that a written request or medical certificate is received by the Athletics and Recreation Office.

All refunds are subject to a $5.00 administrative fee.

All refunds will be calculated on the remaining portion of the membership fee and take     approximately 15 - 30 days to process.