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limelogoLimeSurvey is a free self-service survey tool available to University Departments and Researchers to use for creating online surveys. This product is similar to products like Fluid Survey however the survey webpage and the data are housed here on MSVU campus servers.

To request a survey or account, please contact Brenda Gagne, Research Ethics Co-ordinator.


Do I need any new program(s) installed on my machine?

LimeSurvey is administered completely online and you are not required to install any new programs on your computer. All you need is a web browser such as FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Chrome.


How do I get started?

To request a survey or account, please contact Brenda Gagne, Research Ethics Co-ordinator.

Once you have received your LimeSurvey username and password, the best way to get started is to watch the introduction videos and read through the instructions on the LimeSurvey website.


How much does LimeSurvey cost?

The University is working to the best of its abilities to make this a free resource, but this may be reviewed in the future.


Is LimeSurvey for me?  

LimeSurvey is a free alternative to paid survey sites like Fluid Survey. As a result, there you will need to be more self-sufficient as a survey creator, and some features, such as question randomization, available in paid survey software may not be available in LimeSurvey. If you are pressed for time, or do not like Googling how to use LimeSurvey, or have special needs, you may want to opt to use a paid survey service instead. 


Is there a limit to LimeSurvey use?  

The University is working to the best of its abilities to make this a free resource, but this may be reviewed in the future. The number of people who may respond to your LimeSurvey is unlimited.


What training is available for LimeSurvey?   

This service is a self-service tool. Users are responsible for training themselves. Full instructions, samples and videos are available on the LimeSurvey website.



Can I randomize questions and question groups with LimeSurvey?  

Unfortunately, you cannot randomize questions or groups with LimeSurvey. LimeSurvey does not feature randomization. 


How can I create a survey with LimeSurvey?   

Instructions, samples and videos on creating surveys, groups and questions are available on the LimeSurvey website


How can I modify the layout and design of the survey?   

Limesruvey properties menuThe layout and design of the survey can be changed by modifying the template, presentation and navigation options and from the General settings window of the Survey Properties menu.







How can I organize my questions on different pages?   

Questions are added in question groups. The questions within each group are organized on the same page.  


How do I access LimeSurvey?   

All active public access surveys are listed at:
The administration access website of each survey is at:


How do survey participants access my survey?   

Each survey has a unique address which LimeSurvey administrators can see on the main survey administration screen.
where xxxx is the survey ID number.
This unique URL is located on the survey details page in the LimeSurvey administration site. Survey administrators can use this link to email to participants or post on a website.


How many people can respond to a LimeSurvey?   

The number of people who may respond to your LimeSurvey is unlimited.


What is LimeSurvey?   

LimeSurvey (formerly PHPSurveyor) is an open source online survey application. LimeSurvey enables users to develop and publish surveys from a web-interface, and collect responses, from a web-interface without requiring any programming.


Where is my data stored?   

All survey responses/data are stored on a server in the MSVU data centre in Halifax.


How do I close or expire a survey?

There are two ways for closing a survey: Expiry or deactivation.
It is strongly recommended to use the expiry option to close a survey.

Expiry option (recommended)
>> Edit the survey details and set an "Expiry Date".

      • No results lost
      • No respondent information lost
      • Change of questions, groups and parameters is limited
      • An expired survey is not accessible to participant (they only see a message that the survey has expired)
      • It's possible to perform statistics on responses inside LimeSurvey

Deactivation option
>> Click on "Deactivate this survey" in the administration panel.

  • All results lost (at least you can not access them via LimeSurvey)
  • All respondent information lost
  • An expired survey is not accessible to a respondent (only a message appears that you are not permitted to see this survey)
  • All questions, groups and parameters are editable again