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Save your data to your OneDrive storage

Each student is provided with 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage in Office 365.

To Save a File to your OneDrive from a campus computer:

  1. Click File - Save in the software you are using.
  2. When the "Save As" dialog box appears, select OneDrive - Mount Saint Vincent University
You can also access your OneDrive files from any computer or tablet on or off campus  by logging into myMount.

Save your data to your network drive (H:/) or a personal storage device

Each student is provided with personal disk space on the network, which can be accessed from any computer on campus. Your personal space is on the “H:\” drive, where you can create new folders and store your documents. Note that computers are equipped with CD/DVD burners for your use. USB ports are enabled for your personal external storage devices.

Warning: If you save documents on the “C” drive (C:\) of the lab computer and you restart the machine, your data will be lost permanently.

The current configuration of all computers in student labs ensures the computer is cleaned and put back to its original state each time it is restarted. This means that any configuration changes, software installs, downloads or course work saved to the C:\ drive are deleted when the computer is restarted.

To Save a File to your Network Storage (H:/ drive):

  1. Click File - Save in the software you are using.
  2. When the "Save As" dialog box appears, select Student H:/ drive.

 You will now be able to access these files from any computer you login to on campus.

 Need More Network Storage Space?

The default disk quota for students is 300MB.  If you have a specific project or reason for more network space, please contact the helpdesk to enquire about the possibility of getting your quota increased.