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Answers to common questions

When are you open?

The Centre is open part time, for limited hours 7 days a week in Fall and Winter terms and up to 3 days a week in both Summer terms. Every week offers you a range of daytime, evening, and weekend hours. We do full up quickly!

How do I make an appointment?

Whether you are looking to book for this week or for next month...
find out our current available appointments and book one by emailing

You're also welcome to drop by: if our door is open, come on in!  We recommend you book an appointment to guarantee staff time. (If our door is closed, staff are with students in appointments or the Centre is closed).

Where do I go?

 EMF 205  (Mount Library, main level, near the West Link).

What do I need to bring with me?

A hard copy (printed copy) printed copy of the piece of writing you wish to review; also helpful (but not required) are a copy of the assignment guidelines and any comments or critique from your professor.

What can I expect during my appointment?

Writing Centre staff view writing as an act of conversational knowledge, so when you visit us, your experience will involve having a friendly conversation with a relaxed and attentive tutor. 

How long is the appointment?

We offer one-hour appointments (50 minutes in discussion, with time for the tutor's session report). You are not obliged to stay for the full hour! Use all or part of the session, as needed.

What if I have to cancel an appointment?

We understand that things come up: please call 902-457--6567 or email writing, aiming to cancel 24 hours before your appointment.  (Students who frequently don't show  or who cancel scheduled appointments at the last minute may not be able to book future appointments.)

I need someone to help point me in the right direction on a writing assignment. Even though I don't have anything written yet, can I still come?

Yes! The pre-writing stage is important, and we are happy to discuss the assignment questions with you.

If I bring in a draft of my essay, will you proofread it for me?

A Writing Centre is not an editing service. We're happy to help you develop your proofreading and editing strategies, but we don't correct entire essays for students.

I'm a graduate student and want help with a paper-- do grad students use the Centre?

Yes. We see students at all levels and from all programs. Over a third of our users are grad students. 

I have a quick question and I can't find the time to book an appointment. Is there anything I can do?

Two options: (1) come to the Friday drop-in 10-11 a.m. (no appointment needed), or (2)  email us at: As soon as staff have free time to help you, they will. You can also contact any peer tutors  in your own department -- or email your prof.

I'm applying for grad school/professional program/overseas work, and I want someone to look over a piece of writing I have to submit. Can the Writing Centre help me?

Yes.  You're welcome to bring non-academic pieces of writing to an appointment. We discuss creative writing, job application essays or letters, graduate applications, and more. The Mount Career Planning Services Centre also offers free resumé and over-letter critiques.

What if I don't agree with a tutor's recommendations?

All decisions regarding your writing assignment will be for you to make. A tutor will not expect you to incorporate every suggestion he or she makes into your writing. Tutors will be respectful of the time and effort you have already expended. Also, tutors will not pass judgment on your writing assignment: do not expect a tutor to assign your work a grade.

If I bring a draft of an essay to the Writing Centre, will I be guaranteed a good mark when I pass it in?

You can be certain that a visit to the Writing Centre will result in improved writing skills and an improved piece, but we can't guarantee your grades. Your ideas and the course's content are still your responsibility.  We help with writing.  The good news is that writing does improve with attention, including Centre feedback -- which over time improves grades on written assignments in all your courses. 

Students who use the Centre regularly usually see significant improvement in one term: better grades.