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Learning Strategist Services

What types of services are offered?

These services can help students by:

  • Helping them plan large tasks
  • Give them the necessary skills to complete assignments
  • Exercise and practice time-management
  • Take effective notes
  • Manage multiple reading assignments
  • Organize information
  • Referrals to other services as needed

Upcoming Learning Skills Workshops*

The following webinars are offered this winter semester on Wednesdays from 1:30-2:30 pm:

Please click this link to access: 


*Note all workshops are Learning Passport approved

 When Topic 
 Jan. 22Arranging Time 
*Begin to understand where your time is going and how to carve out more time for yourself. 
 Feb. 26 Notetaking and Concentration 
*Learn strategies for taking better notes and building concentration

 Mar. 11 Studying and Test-taking 
* Learn simple and effective ways to adjust your studying techniques and bolster your confidence when it comes to taking tests. 

 Mar 25Exam Prep 
*Learn tips to be better prepared for finals! 

Venus Bali, the learning strategist at Mount Saint Vincent University

Helpful Links

Never broken down an assignment before, use the assignment calculator, created by professionals at the University of Toronto https://ctl.utsc.utoronto.ca/assignmentcal/

A tool to help you understand your readings better: http://rewordify.com/

One of the best ways to remember things is to make it meaningful for you, try out https://acronymify.com/ to create acronyms related to your course material!

A tool to see all of your current tasks, in-progress tasks, and future tasks: https://trello.com/en