Students enrolled at Mount Saint Vincent University (the University) and wishing to take courses at other institutions (host institutions) for credit must obtain formal approval on a Letter of Permission (LOP) form prior to registering at the host institution.

A Letter of Permission (LOP) may be approved providing the following conditions are met:

  • a student must be registered in courses at the University; exceptional cases will be considered on an individual basis;
  • a student is in good academic standing and has successfully completed 3.0 units of coursework at the University;
  • student has not reached the allowable number of transfer credits of 50 percent of any undergraduate/graduate credential;
  • the course at the host institution is acceptable for transfer to the student’s academic program.
  • the letter of permission form(s) is/are submitted on or before the last day to add/drop a
    course for each respective academic term or summer session.

The following are conditions under which LOP requests are not normally granted:

  • a student is not registered in a degree, diploma, or certificate program at the University;
  • the course being requested does not meet program and/or major requirements at the University;
  • a student is not in good academic standing at the University;
  • a student has been academically dismissed from the University;
  • a course was completed at another institution without prior approval of the LOP;
  • The course is offered at the University during the session being requested except in the following situations:
  • a schedule conflict that cannot be resolved
  • a course at the University is full
  • a course at the University is not offered through Distance Learning
  • taking the course at the University would cause undue hardship

A grade of “P” (pass) will be assigned to all LOP credits, except for credits taken while in an approved formal exchange program, which may transfer in an alpha format and will be considered in the University’s GPA based on program requirements. If the host institution’s grading scheme is in numeric format, marks will transfer in as “P”, which holds a neutral GPA value.

Note: Upon approval of the LOP by the Registrar’s Office, the course is added to the student’s academic transcript. If the student does not take the course she/he must submit, to the Registrar’s Office, written proof from the host institution that the course was not taken in order for the course to be removed from the transcript.

Students with questions or concerns about Letters of Permission may contact the Registrar’s Office at

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