This paper written by MSVU student Brooke VanTassel (supervised by Dr. KelleyAnne Malinen of the Sociology and Anthropology Department at MSVU) explains research findings of CAPSAP (Culture and Perspectives on a Sexual Assault Policy), a project which explores international student responses to a Policy Against Sexual Assault at MSVU, comparing these to Canadian student responses. The study is based on focus groups that are homogenous for gender and cultural region of origin. CAPSAP identifies and explores culturally specific lenses for sexual assault as well as applicable policy and supports.

Results from the CAPSAP study have been used to formulate the recommendations for culturally sensitive and anti-racist university policy against sexual assault, services and programming that are found in this report. Library research and consultations with experts were used in addition to focus group data when developing the recommendations.

Download the 2020 CAPSAP Report (PDF)

Cultures and Perspectives on Sexual Assault Policy website