What is a minor?

A minor is a secondary area of study within your degree. Minors consist of 3 units.

Student’s enrolled in the 20 unit BA or BSc program must declare a major and a minor.

Professional Degree programs and BA/BSc General Studies do not require a minor, however it is optional. Minors are a great opportunity to focus on an area outside of your degree or major. For example, Michael is completing a BA with a major in History and a minor in Business, while Kate is enrolled in Child and Youth studies with a minor in French.

You must declare two minors if you are completing the BA General Studies program for the 2008-2009 academic year or prior.


What is a concentration?

There are two types of concentrations at the Mount:

  • Concentration (Arts & Science): 4 units of study as defined by the department offering the program. Only students enrolled in the BA or BSc General Studies program* are required to declare a concentration.
    *For those students following the 2009-2010 Academic Calendar.

  • Concentration (Professional): Several professional degree programs require students to complete a concentration of 3 units within the professional program. Please see your department Chair for more information.


What are my minor and concentration options?


Applied Human Nutrition (Science) English Political Studies
Applied Statistics Family Studies Psychology
Biology French Public Policy Studies
Business Gerontology Religious Studies
Canadian History Sociology/Anthropology
Chemistry Information Technology Spanish
Child and Youth Study Mathematics Women’s Studies
Cultural Studies Philosophy Writing
Economics Physics



Biology French Psychology
Canadian Studies History Spanish
Chemistry Mathematics Sociology/Anthropology
Cultural Studies Religious Studies Statistics
Economics Philosophy Women’s Studies
English Political Studies



How do I declare my minor and/or concentration?

If declaring a concentration for the General Studies program:

  1. Select your concentration before your sixth unit of coursework.
  2. Complete a Declaration/Change of Program form (available online, from the Registrar’s Office or the Student Academic Advisor).
  3. Have the Student Academic Advisor in the Dean’s Office sign the form.
  4. Take the completed form to the Registrar’s Office. You must file a signed declaration form with the Registrar’s Office to officially declare your General Studies program.

If declaring a minor in a 20 unit Bachelor of Arts or science major degree:

You can declare your major and minor at the same time by submitting a Declaration/Change of Program form.