Pygame is an open-source cross-platform set of Python modules for writing video games.

On Campus Computer Labs:
Pygame is available in various computer labs on campus.
Secure access to a lab computer can be achieved remotely using the MSVU Remote Computer Access Portal from your device using your MSVU login credentials.

Faculty and Staff MSVU Computers:
Pygame can be installed on MSVU computers, please contact the IT&S Helpdesk to request a ticket for installation identifying application to be installed and asset number of computer.

Faculty, Staff and Student Personal Computers:
Pygame downloads are available for installation on personal equipment.

Pygame will operate on nearly every platform and operating system.


  • For assistance regarding installation of Pygame, please contact the IT&S Help Desk
  • Getting Help with Pygame: Documentation
  • Students using the software as part of a course may ask their instructor for assistance.