ESHA Genesis is a software used to create nutrition facts labels.

MSVU has a limited user lab license for Genesis R&D which is accessible for use by students in various computer labs on campus and by select faculty on their office computer.

On Campus Computer Labs:
Genesis R&D is installed in various computer labs on campus and is limited to 5 concurrent uses.
Secure access to a lab computer can be achieved remotely using the MSVU Remote Computer Access Portal from your device using your MSVU login credentials.

For student access to one of these licenses, the student must login with one of the following usernames/password combinations:
Student1 with password food01
Student2 with password food02
Up to Student5 with password food05

Faculty and Staff MSVU Computers:
Applied Human Nutrition faculty can login using their network username and password provided it is added to the database.
Contact the IT&S Help Desk to be added to the database.

Faculty, Staff and Student Personal Computers:
Individual installation is not available for installation on personal equipment.

The annual concurrent license is funded by the Department of Applied Human Nutrition.

For assistance regarding accessing the Food Processor license, please contact the IT&S Help Desk.

Students using the software as part of a course may ask their instructor for assistance.