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Community Memberships            

Membership Forms:

We require all persons to complete the form below before attending a program and beginning a membership.  

 Complete and bring to your first class or drop it off at the Fitness Centre Desk.

Registration Form

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Mount Students
Staff and Faculty

Mount Faculty & Staff

Refund Policy 

  • Membership Refund Policy: 
    Membership refunds will be granted within 5 days of purchase.  If requesting a refund after the fifth day, refunds will be given with medical or work related documentation (See below).

  • Instructional Program Refund Policy:
    Full refund within five days of first class.
     Prorated refunds will be given after the fifth day with medical or work related documentation (See below).

  • Children's Day Camp Refund Policy:
    Full refunds will be given if you cancel your registration three weeks prior to the day or week of camp that you are requesting withdrawal from.  Only exceptions is medical reasons with supporting documentation (See below).

    • Medical Reason:
      Medical certificate indicating the individual can no longer participate in physical activity.

    • Work Related:
      Transferred or moving out of province.  Letter from employer required to confirm aforementioned facts.




  • Refunds will be processed from the date that a written request or medical certificate is received by the Athletics and Recreation Office.  

  • All refunds are subject to a $5.00 administrative fee.

  •  All refunds will be calculated on the remaining portion of the membership fee and take     approximately 15 - 30 days to process.