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Fall Schedule 2018

September 4 - December 8, 2018

Group Fitness Classes are included in the following Memberships & Passes:
- Fitness & Facility Combo Membership
- Fitness Membership
- $8.00 Day Pass

Fitness Schedule fall 2018 updated

Class Descriptions

BALLET BODY: A blended system of dance, pilates, strength and flexibility training. This total body conditioning technique will give you an intense workout, and help sculpt your entire body like a dancer’s.
Set to uplifting music and done in bare feet. (No dance experience necessary).

BODY BALANCE: Want better balance, strength, endurance and posture? This workout is designed to ease you into a regular routine of low impact cardio, weight training, stretching and balance training.
Set to fun music this class will help you feel fantastic!          

BOX & BURN: Combining basic cardio kickboxing drills and dumbbell endurance training this workout is an excellent start to your week! You will get both cardio and muscle training in this class designed for all levels.

BOXFIT: Turn on the disco lights, turn up the music and beat the mid-week blahs in this box fitness class. A mainly cardio workout for anyone who wants to burn calories and kick stress to the curb, but especially great for those new to kickboxing as there will be many options and breakdowns given. Bring your friends and enjoy this safe, friendly total body workout!

CARDIO KICKBOXING: This calorie blasting, heart pumping, and super fun workout will push you to achieve all your desired goals while having an awesome time! The beats add positive energy that will get you pumped while you jump, squat, punch, kick & much more. A fantastic way to relieve all the negative energy & daily stresses we hold on to. Come out and challenge yourself!

CLASSIC CARDIO: A taste of classic high/low aerobics mixed with basic step and some athletic drills thrown in. Challenge your heart & lungs, burn mega calories, and feel energized when you’re done!    

CORE FIT:  Generate a little core commotion! You will use hand weights, balls, foam rollers and functional movement patterns to walk away more confident. With dimmed lights and gentle music this workout targets the mind and body!    

CORE & MORE:  Looking for a stronger core? Find it here with a toning class primarily focusing on the core muscles (abs, back, gluts, pelvic floor and diaphragm) but with the added bonus of some other big muscle groups to leave you feeling like you’ve had a total workout.

FIT IN 30: Get a great workout in, FAST! This half hour circuit with the focus on the total body and uses a large variety of exercise tools to develop muscle strength and tone, not to mention great

energy! Option to stay for a 10min stretch & relaxation component.

FUNCTIONAL FITNESS: Better posture, stronger abs, improved muscle tone all over….these are just a few of the potential results from doing this class. Using a variety of resistance tools and focusing on movements that improve day to day functioning as well as long term strength and appearance. 

POWER 45: This 45 minute class is a total body, heart-pumping, strength and condition workout! Combining strength training moves with high intensity cardio bursts designed to tone muscles, improve your endurance, and enhance your overall well-being. Burn more fat/calories in less time! Suitable for all age groups.

STEP ‘N PUMP: An up tempo cardio class using the Reebok STEP. Combine it with muscular strength and ab attack for a total body workout. Recommended for those with some experience.

TABATA FIT: Looking for a challenge? Try this total body system workout that incorporates high intensity exercise bouts with short rest intervals. Not recommended for beginners.      

TOTAL BODY TONING: This strength and conditioning class uses a variety of resistance equipment to work every muscle in the body for toning, endurance, and mobility. The class may be conducted in a circuit or interval training format.              

YOGA:  A must-do class that combines different Yoga styles and stretches to improve your strength, flexibility, balance and peace of mind. The perfect break in your day to leave you calm and refreshed. (Suitable for all levels- options available for anyone needing them)                                                  

YOGA STRETCH: Same as YOGA but with an emphasis on muscle flexibility.

GENTLE YOGA: Same as YOGA but with more options for beginners and an emphasis on improving your ability to balance.

YOGALATES: Take elements of Pilates and blend them into a strength based Yoga class and you will be sure to get an awesome workout for the total body. Extra emphasis in this class will be on the core muscles.