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Have a Question? Find an Answer! 

Below are a number of questions or scenarios that may help you determine your next steps in the registration process. If you have a question, but do not see it below, please contact 902-457-6117 and you will be directed to someone who can help. We will continue adding new questions and answers based on student inquiries.

Q: I can’t remember my username and password. Who do I contact?

A: Please contact the IT&S helpdesk at or 902-457-6538.

Q: I am having trouble registering online, can I register over the phone?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot register students over the phone. Please double check your password and username, and have it reset, if necessary. If problems persist, send an e-mail using your Mount E-mail Account to and explain the problems you are experiencing.

Q: Why can’t I register for section 15/16?

A: These sections are for students in Bermuda only. Permission is required.

Q: The system indicates that I need instructor’s consent, but there is no instructor listed for the course.

A: Contact the department's administrative assistant for more information or permission.

Q: The system is telling me that I do not have the prerequisite for the course I want to register for but I do have the prerequisite.

A: If you received transfer credits which may count as prerequisites, the system may not recognize this. Please send an e-mail using your Mount E-mail Account to with the following information: your name and student ID, the term, course number and section you wish to register for (ie. Fall BUSI 1112 01), as well as indicating that you do have the necessary prerequisites.

Q: The system indicates that the course I am trying to register for still has spaces left, but when I try to register it tells me that there is a waitlist.

A: Waitlists are run on a daily basis and students are moved from the waitlist into the course on a first come first served basis. You will still have to put yourself on the waitlist in order to be moved into the course, if space becomes available. You will be contacted by e-mail if a space opens and you have been registered in the course.

Q: The system indicates that the course I am waitlisted for has spaces available but I have not been offered a spot.

A: There are other students ahead of you on the waitlist.
A:  Make sure that the course you are waitlisted for does not have a scheduling conflict with other courses you have registered for. In case of a scheduling conflict, you will not be moved from the waitlist into the course until you have solved your scheduling conflict.
A: Make sure that you have met all the course prerequisites. If you have not met the prerequisites for the course, you will not be moved from the waitlist into the course.

Q: I have questions about what courses I need for my final year. Who should I talk to?

A: Students registered in a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree program with a major should make an appointment with an academic advisor within the department of their major.
A: Students registered in a Bachelor of Arts (General Studies) or Bachelor of Science (General Studies) degree program should make an appointment with a student academic advisor at or 902-457-6400.
A: Students registered in a Professional Studies degree program should make an appointment with an academic advisor within their department of study.
A: For more information, visit

Q: How can I confirm that I am registered?

A: After you have registered for your courses, you can confirm your registration by viewing your schedule. Select the term you wish to display to view the course(s) you are registered in for the selected term.

Q: I am in my final year of study and have never used myMount. What can I do in myMount?

A: myMount allows you to register/drop classes, change your address, pay your tuition, view your transcript, account statement, class schedule, and much more. 

Q: I have never registered for a course in myMount. Is there a "how to" guide available?

A: Yes, review the Student Guide to the Registration Centre in myMount

Q: I received a message indicating that my course requires registration in a lab. How do I know what labs are available?

A: The message indicates the course number for the lab, which will allow you to view all available lab sections.

Q: I am a new transfer student and I am unable to register for courses because the systems tells me that I have not yet met the prerequisites.

A: Your transfer credits have not yet been finalized (a final transcript is needed). Please contact us at and let us know which courses you wish to register for.