Be in the know!

Being informed about appropriate language helps everyone engage in meaningful dialogue. If you’ve ever felt uncertain about how to refer to someone with a disability, the appropriate thing to do is to ask, rather than make assumptions. 


Be accessible!

Whether you are a student, faculty, or staff member – there are many things you can do to be more inclusive. Being accessible helps everyone! Take time to learn how you can help make our campus as accessible as possible.

Accessible Technology

Office 365 - Set up Accessibility Features on ANY device

Office 365 – Learning Tools for Reading & Writing

HEAR Text Read Aloud on your MAC

HEAR Text Read Aloud in MS WORD 2016

HEAR Text Read Aloud using Narrator in WINDOWS

DICTATE Text Using Speech Recognition in WINDOWS

DICTATE Text on your MAC

Accessibility Features on a MAC

Accessibility Features in WINDOWS 10

Accessible drop counter for people with blindness or vision loss


Add CAPTIONS to videos

Learn more about using Dyslexic-friendly fonts on or set Calibri or Myriad Pro as your default font in your MS Office products to make text easier to read.