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2018 Summer Day Camp Registration 
begins February 22, 2018


Registration Form - Summer Camp 2018

To Register: 
Step #1:  Print and complete the Registration Form
Step #2:  Email registration form to

Registration Options:
Preferred Method is Email or Fax  
- Email form to:
- Fax:  902-457-1694   

Additional Options:
Phone:  902-457-6420 
In person:  Rosaria Centre, Main Floor
Mail:  Mount Fitness Centre, 166 Bedford Hwy, Halifax, NS B3M 2J6

Summer Camp Dates, Themes & Fees:

Week #1:  June 28-29:  On the Road Again:
Fee:  $38.00 per day
Description:  We’re on the road back to Summer! Join us for our old school favorites; Gaga, Foursquare and Kick the Can!  We can’t wait to hear all about your school year while we have some yummy treats to cool off too!

Week #2:  July 3 - 6:  Get Glowing:
Fee:  $38.00per day or $132.00 per week
Description:  Get going on a glowing adventure.  With glow-ball, glow painting and glow yoga, you’re in for a  GLOWtastic time!

Week #3:  July 9 - 13:  Going Green:
Fee:  $38.00 per day or $160.00 per week
Description:  Earth Day is every day at camp! Learn the three R’s through our Reduce-Reuse-Recycle Relay! Create your very own Convert Crew as we make creative crafts out of old recycled material. Let’s color the Mount Campus green together!

Week #4:  July 16 - 20:   Color Blast:
Fee:  $38.00 per day or $160.00 per week
Description:  Add a little color to your life this week!  Camp will be brilliantly bright with Paint Splatter, Rainbow Relay and Tie-Dye Tag.

Week #5:  July 23 - 27:  Myths and Legends:
Fee:  $38.00 per day or $160.00 per week
Description:  Once upon a time…we all know how this story ends, or do we? Come to the Mount’s castle for a taste of royalty and explore great fables.  It will be a Whale of a Tale for all your friends!

Week #6:  July 30 - Aug. 3:  Ocean Wonders:
Fee:  $38.00 per day or $160.00 per week
Description:  Swim on over to the Mount this week for some under water fun. Explore the lost under water city of Atlantis through our game of Deep Sea Diving. Practice your swimming skills with Sharks and Lifeguards. You’ll be swimming like a fish by the end of this week!

Week #7:  Aug. 7 - 10:  Backwards Bonanza:
Fee:  $38.00 per day or $132.00 per week
Description:  Since it’s backwards week, we’ll skip Monday and start off with a Friday fun snack!  Join us in taking our favorite games and reversing them, like Backwards Soccer, Totally Twisted Musical Chairs and Flip-Flop Freeze Dance.

Week #8:  Aug 13 - 17:  Space Station Vacation:
Fee:  $38.00 per day or $160.00 per week
Description:  3,2,1…Blast-off!  This week will be out of this world with the Great Space Race, Solar Eclipse and the Big Bang! 

Week #9:  Aug 20 - 24:  Slip and Slide:
Fee:  $38.00 per day or $160.00 per week
Description:  It’s water week so be prepared to get wet with our classic water games of Drip Drip Drop, Water Balloon Toss and our Wacky Water Olympics! Don’t forget your towel!

Week #10: Aug 27 - 31:  Emoji Express:
Fee:  $38.00 per day or $160.00 per week
Description:  All aboard the Emoji Express!  Don’t be afraid to be yourself as we giggle and grin our way through Smiley Station, Meh Mayhem and Disco Dancer.

Week #11:  Sept. 4 - 5*:  Aussie Outback:
*Please note:  Exact dates are dependent on the HRSB Calendar
Fee:  $38.00 per day
Description:  Let the adventure begin!  Hop on over for a good time down under with Crocodile Rock and Boomerang Boost!



Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Withdrawal Policy: 
Each day camp registration will be subject to an Administrative Withdrawal Fee upon EACH Withdrawal
- Daily Withdrawal Fee:  $5.00 per day requested.     
- Weekly Withdrawal Fee:  $25.00 per week requested.   

Refund Policy:
To cancel your registration and receive a refund (minus the Withdrawal Fee) you must request the withdrawal THREE WEEKS  prior to the day or week of camp that you are requesting withdrawal from. 
Exception: Medical reason with supporting documentation.
Refunds will be processed within 2-3 weeks of initial request.