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Helping students to make the most of study time

The university experience is one full of excitement, challenges and changes. It is common for students to be surprised about academic expectations and the level of independent learning that is required as a university student. The Mount's learning strategist understands how students may struggle and can recommend strategies that students can apply to become more engaged and active learners. All services provided by the Mount's learning strategist are voluntary, free and confidential.

What types of services are offered?  

Whether it is managing time, getting organized or preparing in advance to do well on an exam, students may contact the learning strategist to explore specific strategies and skills they may need to meet their academic goals. The learning strategist can make referrals and provide information about other student services on campus.  

Who can access these services and when are they available?

The Mount's learning strategist services are available to any registered Mount student. Regular drop-in times and scheduled appointments are available Monday to Friday and workshops covering a variety of topics are offered throughout the fall and winter terms. A number of resources are available and some can be found below.  

What to expect during your learning strategy session

Your appointment(s) will be held in room 127-f of the E. Margaret Fulton Communications Centre, located on the lower level of the Mount Library. During your appointment, you'll be asked to complete a short form and discuss the purpose of your visit. Based on this information, the learning strategist will provide you with recommended resources and model how to incorporate specific strategies into your weekly schedule to make the most of your time and efforts. Strategies are personalized to the student, their course schedule and learning preferences.  Students may also choose to attend their session in a small group or with a friend.  

      Contact us to get started

If you're wondering how our learning strategist can help you make the most of your study time and become a more effective learner, make an appointment by calling the Office of Student Experience (1.902.457.6567) or send an email to msvu.ca.                                       

Learning Skills Workshops

Learning skills workshops have ended for the winter 2017 academic term.  Check back in August to explore
workshops for the fall 2017 term.  

Please note:

• Online workshops are facilitated online via Blackboard Collaborate.
• Participants will need to download a small Blackboard Collaborate file to take part.
• Speakers/headset are needed.  Microphones are optional.
• Please log in to the session 15 minutes in advance to check audio settings.  
• Participants, enter sessions here.