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Be Connected to your Education

Secure Wireless Pilot Project

 UPDATED: The Mount is expanding the pilot of the secure wireless network to include more buildings than just EMF building. This secure network is called Mount WiFi. You can log into Mount WiFi using your Mount username and password. Resnet will continue to be available throughout the pilot. Your feedback from this pilot is very important to us and will help us determine the roll-out plan as we enable this network across the rest of campus. More information about this pilot can be found here

Internet Access - Wireless and Wired Public Access Points (WIFI)

The Mount is pleased to offer high speed Internet access across campus. 


Wireless internet access is available in all buildings. Wireless internet allows access to email and web access but not access to files and software applications on the Mount campus network. Students are responsible for providing their own computer with compatible (wireless or wired) network card.   

Wired internet access

  • Students can access the internet from PC’s in computer labs, library info commons and the Crow’s Nest (click here to locate a computer lab) and from network jacks in the RBC link and Seton Cafeteria.
  • Faculty and Staff can access the internet from PC’s in computer labs, classroom instructor stations, office computers and the Part Time Faculty resource centres.  


All residence rooms are internet ready and support both wired and wireless connections. Access to files or applications on the Mount campus network cannot be accessed from the residence, and students must go to one of the computer labs to access specialized applications. Students are required to provide their own computer with a compatible network card and cable.


To help us best serve your Internet access requirements, please use this form to provide feedback.