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myMount is the Mount's portal, providing you with personalized access to a number of services, including:

Office 365, WebAdvisor, Email (for migrated accounts), course registration and financial information.

Students can see how to register for courses with this how to video  (Please note, this video is currently being updated to reflect the new page layouts).  

  • Log in to myMount »

    Note change to login:

     Use your Mount email address and password.

     Your email address contains your first and last name and may also include a number.

    For example:

     If your Mount username is mmystic, your Mount email address is

     If your Mount username is mmystic1, your Mount email address is

    Forgot my Password  |  myMount Help

     To keep your information private:

    1. Protect your username and password.

    2. Sign out of myMount and close all browser windows when you are finished.

    See this quick guide on what browsers work best with Mount systems.