Dr_Kumar_resizeDr. Ashwani Kumar

Education as Meditative Inquiry at Brockwood Park School

Dr. Ashwani Kumar arrived at Brockwood in August 2012 as a long term Guest Researcher with goals of making observations of daily life at Brockwood and also visiting classes and interviewing staff and students. Ashwani has had a long standing interest in Krishnamurti, and the outcome of this visit may culminate in a book about Education at Brockwood. Read more»

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J. Roberts(2)Dr. Jonathan Roberts

African Research Trip Provides Experience of a Lifetime

Dr. Jonathan Roberts is conducting field research at the major religious institutions of the Ga people in Accra, Ghana. With the help of two students, he interviewed elders to record their experiences conducting witchcraft trials at local shrines. The students also digitally photographed 30 volumes of trial records, which date back several decades, in an effort to preserve the documents for future use .Read more»

Fernando Headshot ThumbnailDr. Fernando Nunes

Inspiration for Teaching, Advocacy Rooted in Portugal

Since his arrival at the Mount in 2004, Dr. Fernando Nunes has worked hard to give students an inside look at the integration of immigrant children and their families. “As Canada’s diverse population grows, students in the Child and Youth Study program will increasingly be serving immigrants and their families,” he says. “I believe my personal experience and research can shed light on what new Canadians are going through.” Read more»

HWang THUMBDr. Hong Wang

Mount Professor Contributes to International Project

Dr. Hong Wang, who has been a language teacher and educator for 27 years, was recently awarded, as a co-investigator, a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) grant of $200,000 for three years. In collaboration with a team of researchers from around the world, her research “Test Preparation: Does It Enhance Test Performance and English Language Proficiency?” will come to fruition. Read more»

Don Shiner THUMBDr. Don Shiner

Research on Seniors Housing in Atlantic Canada Shows Need for Policy Changes

Dr. Donald Shiner, Associate Professor in Business and Tourism at the Mount and Principal Investigator for Atlantic Seniors Housing Research Alliance (ASHRA), has recently completed a six-year study that investigates this topic. Projecting the Housing Needs of Aging Atlantic Canadians was made possible through a $1.2 million Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) grant. Read more»

Brigham ThumbDr. Susie Brigham

Dr. Susie Brigham Welcomed Back from St. Helena

St. Helena, a remote island of volcanic origin, is located in the South Atlantic Ocean between West Africa and Brazil. The historic Island welcomes a small number of tourists annually, but none perhaps more motivated by family heritage than the Mount’s own Dr. Susan (Susie) Brigham. A professor in the Faculty of Education, Susie spent three months in St. Helena as a researcher and tourist. Read more»

Janice_0065 cropDr. Janice Keefe

Decreasing Rate but Increasing Severity of Disability among Elderly Canadians

A study conducted by Dr. Janice Keefe, researchers at the Mount and Université de Montréal reveals that the overall rate of disability of older Canadians has decreased but, the proportion with more severe disabilities has increased. Read more»

BL_LuhovyyDr. Bohdan Luhovyy

Fighting Obesity with healthy Snacks

Dr. Bohdan Luhovyy, of Applied Human Nutrition at the Mount, has partnered with April Glavine, owner of Lean Machine Inc. to develop a new healthy snack alternative for public school vending machines. Read more»

Mount Nutrition Students Impress at International Competition

Three Mount students came up big in the Dairy Research Institute New Product Competition over the summer, winning second prize in a talented field for their on-the-go yoghurt drink “Mighty Mango.” Read more»

Patty WilliamsDr. Patty Williams

Mount Professor Awarded $1 million for Research Initiatives

Mount professor Dr. Patricia Williams, recognized for her long-standing track record in participatory action research on food security issues in Nova Scotia, has recently been awarded a $1 million Community-University Research Alliances (CURA) grant for her “Activating Policy Change for Community Food Security” research program. Read more»