The Committee on Research and Publications (CRP) has three internal grant competitions each year. They are held in October, January, and April. The goal of the Committee is to foster research among Mount faculty. Learn more about the Committee on Research and Publications>>


For a complete list of deadlines for all items adjudicated by the CRP, please see the CRP Policies and Procedures.

Please review the Internal Grant Information file as well as the Budget Issues file prior to submitting your application to ensure that your application adheres to the policies currently in place.

Important: Researchers who receive funding (contract or grant) for research that is administered at/by Mount Saint Vincent University are required to complete a “Release of Funds Agreement” prior to an account being opened by Financial Services. For more information, please see the Release of Funds page.

Guidelines, Policies and Procedures for Integrity in Research and Scholarship

Internal Grant Applications, Reports and Forms:

Release of Funds Form – click here

Form # Application Last Updated


CRP.FORM.001 Standard Research Grant October 2020 Instructions Form

CRP.FORM.002 Aid to Scholarly Publications & Communications October 2020 Instructions Form

CRP.FORM.003 Salary-based Research October 2020 Instructions Form

CRP.FORM.004 New Scholars October 2020 Instructions Form

CRP.FORM.007 Internal Grant – Final Report October 2020 n/a


CRP.FORM.008 Assistance to Prepare a Large-Scale Grant October 2020 Instructions Form

CRP.FORM.009 Book Launches April 2020 Instructions Form

CRP.FORM.010 CN Student Research Internship

March 2020



CRP.FORM.011 Release Time Award Application June 2017 n/a Form

CRP.FORM.012 SSHRC Explore Grant December 2020 Instructions Form
CRP.FORM.013 SSHRC Exchange Grant  December 2020 Instructions Form
CRP.FORM.014 SSHRC Explore/Exchange Final Report October 2020 n/a Form
CRP.FORM.015 MSVU Undergraduate Research Assistantship Sept 2019 2020 Call Form
Early Career Research Award Nov 2020 2022 Call
Research Excellence Award Nov 2020 2022 Call
MSVU Undergraduate Research Assistantship Jan 2020 2021 Call

Note: Applications received by the Committee on Research and Publications that are incomplete, or are over the budget limit, will be returned to the applicant for clarification and/or revisions. If the clarifications/revisions are not received in full by the committee by the internal deadline, the application will not be considered. The applicant will be encouraged to apply in the next competition.

Click here for Research Ethics Forms and Applications