All research involving humans at Mount Saint Vincent University must comply, at minimum, with the ethical standards laid out by the Tri-Council Policy Statement (TCPS).

The guidelines in the TCPS are based on the following three core principles:

1. Respect for Persons

2. Concern for Welfare

3. Justice


All Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) faculty, students, administration, and staff who are conducting research with human participants must submit an ethics application to the University Research Ethics Board (UREB) for ethics clearance. All researchers at MSVU must be certified in the Tri-Council Core Tutorial.

No research project or study at MSVU with human participants can begin until Research Ethics Clearance is obtained from the UREB.

If a researcher thinks that their research project or study may be an exception and not require ethics clearance, they are still required to apply for an exemption from the UREB.

For further questions, contact the Research Ethics Officer – or email the Research Ethics Office: