Research Publications

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Advancing assessment of responsive feeding environments and practices in child care. (2024). Campbell, McIsaac, Young, Dickson, Caldwell, Barich, & Rossiter. Journal of Nutritional Science.

Relationship between Childhood Disability or Developmental Delay and COVID-19 Pandemic Impacts on Families across the Canadian Maritime Provinces. (2024). Lamptey, McIsaac, MacQuarrie, Cummings, Rossiter, Janus, & Turner. Journal of Child and Family Studies. Infographic Summary.

Amplifying the Encounters of Young Black Children with Anti-Black Racism: An Exploration of Parents’ and Early Childhood Educators’ Perspectives on Early Learning and Child Care Environments. (2023). Pimentel, McIsaac, Watson, Stirling-Cameron, Hickens, & Hamilton-Hinch. Journal of Childhood Studies. Infographic Summary.

Child Immigrant Post-Migration Mental Health: A Qualitative Inquiry into Caregivers’ Perspectives. (2023). Fakhari, McIsaac, & Spencer. International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies. Infographic Summary.

Anti-Black racism in the early years: The experiences of Black families and early childhood educators in Nova Scotia. (2023). Stirling-Cameron, Hickens, Watson, Hamilton-Hinch, Pimentel, & McIsaac. HPCDP Journal.

Shifting play experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic: family responses to pandemic restrictions. (2023). McIsaac, Cummings, MacQuarrie, Lamptey, Harley, Rossiter, Janus, Turner. European Early Childhood Education Research Journal. Infographic Summary.

Relative Importance of Well-Being Determinants in Atlantic Canadian Families During the Pandemic. (2023). Hill, McIsaac, Janus, Lamptey, Rosssiter, Turner. Inquiry. Infographic Summary.

Early pandemic impacts on family environments that shape childhood development and health: A Canadian Study. (2022). McIsaac, Lamptey, Harley, MacQuarrie, Cummings, Rossiter, Janus, Turner. Child: Care, Health and DevelopmentInfographic summary.

A Scoping Review of Quality in Early Childhood Publicly-Funded Programs. (2022). McLean, McIsaac, Mooney, Morris, Turner. Early Childhood Education JournalInfographic summary.

Responsive feeding values and practices among families across the Canadian Maritime provinces. (2022). Rossiter, Richard, Whitfield, Mann, McIsaac. Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism.  Infographic summary.

The Perceived Value of a Universal Early Learning Program: A Parent Perspective. (2021). McIsaac, Smith, Turner, McLean, Harkins. Journal of Child and Family Studies

A Call for Change in the Public Education System in Nova Scotia. (2021). Hamilton-Hinch, McIsaac, Harkins, Jarvis, LeBlanc. Canadian Journal of Education.

Drawing Out Their Stories: A Scoping Review of Participatory Visual Research Methods with Newcomer Children. (2020). Brown, McIsaac, Howard. International Journal of Qualitative Methods.

Newcomer families’ experiences with programs and services to support early childhood development in Canada: A scoping review. (2020). Brown, McIsaac, Reddington, Hill, Brigham, Spencer, Mandrona. Journal of Childhood, Education & Society.

Exploring the foundation for Collaborative Governance to support early childhood in Nova Scotia. (2020). McIsaac, Kelley, Turner, Kirk. European Early Childhood Education Research Journal.

Families’ Experiences of a Universal Play-based Early Childhood Program in Nova Scotia: Implications for Policy and Practice (2020). Carolan, McIsaac, Richard, Turner & Mclean. Journal of Research in Childhood Education.  Infographic summary.

Evaluating an engaged scholarship approach to improve health promotion within the education system. (2019). McIsaac, Riley, Kirk. Management in Education.

Exploring school food environments through youth photo voice. (2019). Spencer, McIsaac, Stewart, Penney, Bruschett, Kirk. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behaviour

The association between school nutrition resources, policy adherence and food served. (2019). McIsaac, Penney, Masse, Kirk. National Library of Medicine.

Understanding System-Level Intervention Points to Support School Food and Nutrition Policy Implementation in Nova Scotia, Canada. (2019). McIsaac, Spencer, Stewart, Penney, Brushett, Kirk. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

Voluntary nutrition guidelines to support healthy eating in recreation and sports settings are ineffective: Findings from a prospective study. (2019). McIsaac, Jarvis, Olstad, Naylor, Rehman, Kirk. AIMS Public Health.

Describing food availability in schools using different healthy eating guidelines: Moving forward with simpler nutrition recommendations. (2019). McIsaac, Ata, Kirk. Canadian Journal for Dietetic Practice and Research.

Factors Influencing Implementation of Nutrition Policies in Schools: A Scoping Review. (2018). McIsaac, Spencer, Meisner, Kontak, Kirk. Health Education & Behaviour.

Integrated knowledge translation in school-based population health intervention research. (2018). McIsaac, Penney, Storey, Sigfridson, Cunningham, Kuhle, Kirk. Health Research Policy and Systems.

Moving from policy to practice: A report of school nutrition policy adherence in Nova Scotia. (2018). McIsaac, Kontak, Kirk. Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research.

Use of Resources for Health Promoting Schools in Rural Nova Scotia. (2018). McIsaac, Sigfridson, Ohinmaa, Veugelers, Munro-Sigfridson, Kirk, Kuhle. Health Behaviour and Policy Review

The application of implementation science theories for population health: A critical interpretive synthesis. (2018). McIsaac, Warner, Lawrence, Warner, Urquhart, Price, Gahagan, McNally, Jackson. AIMS Public Health.

Reproducing or Reducing Inequity? Considerations for School Food Programs. (2018). McIsaac, Read, Williams, Raine, Veugelers, Kirk. Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research.

“A tough sell”: Findings from a qualitative analysis on the provision of healthy foods in recreation and sports settings. (2018). McIsaac, Jarvis, Spencer, Kirk. Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada.