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Research Ethics Forms and Applications

Please allow sufficient lead time for review of ethics applications and requests for change to protocol.

Please contact the Research Ethics Coordinator, Brenda Gagné, if you have any questions or concerns.

Office:  Evaristus 238


Telephone: 902-457-6350

NOTE: All applications must be submitted electronically.

Form #                           Form Title                                                     Last UpdatedLink to Form   
REB.FORM.001Standard Application for Research Ethics Clearance  June 2017Click for form
REB.FORM.002Modification RequestJune 2017Click for form
REB.FORM.003Renewal RequestJune 2017Click for form
REB.FORM.004Final ReportJune 2017Click for form
REB.FORM.005Application for Use of Secondary DataJune 2017
Click for form
REB.FORM.006Student SubstudyJune 2017
Click for form
REB.FORM.007Adverse Event ReportJune 2017Click for form
REB.FORM.008Unanticipated Research Event ReportJune 2017Click for form
REB.FORM.009Scholarly ReviewJune 2017Click for form
REB.FORM.010Research Cleared by Another REBJune 2017Click for form
REB.FORM.012Reviewers CommentsJune 2017Click for form
REB.FORM.013RCR AllegationJune 2017Click for form
REB.FORM.014Personnel ChangeJune 2017Click for form
REB.FORM.015Privacy BreachJune 2017Click for form
REB.FORM.016Exemption RequestJune 2017
Click for form
REB.FORM.020Course-based RequestJune 2017Click for form