Do you provide care or support to a family member or friend or do you know someone who does? Welcome to our Project and please read on…

Family and friends who provide support and assistance to others because of a physical or mental condition, chronic illness, or frailty play an important role in our healthcare system in Nova Scotia. These individuals, commonly referred to as family/friend caregivers, may be spouses/partners, children, parents, siblings, other family relation, friend or a neighbor. They may be helping someone (or more than one person) who lives at home or in a group residential setting. How they help may include things like providing personal care, helping around the house, providing transportation to appointments/shopping or coordinating care. What caregivers do, and the challenges they face in their role, can contribute to physical, financial and mental consequences. Further, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated some of the issues faced by caregivers, such as, burnout, feelings of isolation, anxiety and depression, while decreasing respite opportunities.

This project is about identifying and understanding the current needs of family/friend caregivers in Nova Scotia and what may be needed (services, programs, policies) to better support them in their role. The work is being done for Caregivers Nova Scotia, a not-for profit organization dedicated to providing recognition and practical assistance to family/friend caregivers.

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From October 27 to January 19, we held a number of in-person and online focus group discussions with family/friend caregiver across Nova Scotia.
From the end of November to mid December, we held three focus group discussions with stakeholders (people who work with or whose work relates to family/friend caregivers).

We are currently organizing and reviewing the information provided by family/friend caregivers and stakeholder.


A survey (online, telephone, or paper) was available to family/friend caregivers from the end of October to the middle of January.
A survey (online) was available to stakeholders (people who work with or whose work relates to family/friend caregivers) from the end of November to the end of January.

We are currently organizing and reviewing the information provided by family/friend caregivers and stakeholders.

How will we do our work?
Through literature review and environment scan, we will develop an understanding of what currently exists in Nova Scotia, and other jurisdictions, by way of targeted services for family/friend caregivers as well as identify the factors that may limit access or use of services. In addition, insights from family/friend caregivers and those who work with them will be collected through focus groups and surveys. For more information go to project activities.


When are we doing this work?


Why are we doing this work?
Information gathered through this project will be used to enhance existing services as well as inform future government initiatives. It will also provide an opportunity for caregivers to have a voice and help to elevate the important role of family/friend caregiving in Nova Scotia.



How can you get involved?
Share your perspective by participating in a focus group (in person or online) or completing a survey. Information on the survey and group discussions will be available in October. Pre-registration for group sessions will be required. If you want to receive information when it becomes available or if you have any questions, please contact our project office:

Email:     Telephone (toll free in NS): 1-877-302-4440

This project is funded by Caregivers Nova Scotia through funding received from the NS Department of Seniors and Long-term Care.