Dr. Peter Mombourquette receives Teaching Innovation Award

The Teaching Innovation Award recognizes a faculty member who has demonstrated outstanding teaching innovation resulting in a significantly enhanced learning experience for our students. This is only the second time this award has been presented since it was first awarded in 2007.

Peter M and Karen B VerticalIt is Mount Saint Vincent University’s vision to “…be the national leader in creating the best university experience for all members of our community and in developing thoughtful, engaged citizens who make a positive impact on their world.”

With extraordinary talent, comes extraordinary innovation. On May 17, one such faculty member was recognized for always believing in, and advocating for, innovation. Dr. Peter Mombourquette, Chair of the Mount’s Department of Business Administration and Tourism & Hospitality Management, was presented with the Teaching Innovation Award to honour and recognize his continued quest for find new ways of teaching and learning – something that has inspired students and faculty alike.

The award celebrates the many contributions that Dr. Mombourquette has made to the business and tourism student experience. In the delivery of his citation address by Dr. Karen Blotnicky (shown above), it was evident that Dr. Mombourquette is a big thinker that can assess any situation to find an opportunity for change.

Dr. Mombourquette believed his department could offer students a superior university experience through extra-curricular programs, linking classroom learning to professional experience. His efforts and ideas resulted in a number of program initiatives that will stay with students beyond graduation.

Through his research he discovered students lack awareness about the application of theory and career development. To address this gap, Dr. Mombourquette created Career Week, held twice each year, during which students have the opportunity to network and learn from experts in a wide variety of fields.

Dr. Mombourquette also helped to fill this gap by developing a Job Club for upcoming graduates, and by being a driving force behind the annual Learners and Leaders Conference, an annual event attended by more than 300 students, faculty, staff and members of the business community.

Through Dr. Mombourquette’s discussions with students he also discovered they had a strong desire to engage in experiential learning and to give back to society. While many students were motivated to engage in these activities, they lacked the knowledge to get started. Over the past two years, Dr. Mombourquette was instrumental in rekindling the spirit of Caritas Day at the Mount by organizing an annual food drive and volunteer day in partnership with the Sisters of Charity – Halifax.

Dr. Mombourquette serves on the Learning Passport Committee which links many of these student engagement activities together. The Learning Passport is a unique approach that has more than 400 students actively engaged in their education. This program has been instrumental in motivating student responsibility for their learning in professional practice.

And perhaps most importantly, his contributions have not gone unnoticed by those who matter most – the students. It is clear that Dr. Mombourquette, known as ‘Peter’ to students, has significantly assisted the Mount to achieve its vision of creating the best university experience for students and in developing thoughtful and engaged citizens.