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Senate’s Role in University Governance

According to the University Charter, Mount Saint Vincent University is governed by a bi-cameral structure consisting of the Board of Governors and the Senate. The Board of Governors is charged with the fiduciary responsibility for governance, conduct, management and control of the University’s assets, and the Senate is the academic governing body of the Mount and is responsible for the academic policy of the University. It determines, in its own Senate By-Laws, its composition, members’ terms of office, and internal procedures.

Senate Responsibilities

The Senate is responsible for the academic policy of the University and has statutory authority to regulate academic programs; set courses of study and standards for admission and continued enrolment; establish procedures for the evaluation of student performance; approve recipients of certificates, diplomas and degrees (including Honorary degrees); provide for the convening and conduct of convocations; determine fellowships, scholarships, bursaries, medals, prizes and other awards; be responsible for library policy; determine the academic qualifications for appointment and promotion of faculty; determine (subject to ratification by the University’s Board of Governors) the academic terms on which any faculty, school, institute, department, chair or course of instruction may be established or discontinued and on which any agreement for academic co-operation may be made with individuals or groups outside the University; regulate the conduct, activities and discipline of students, appoint committees (including executive) and delegate any powers it deems advisable, and exercise other functions, powers and duties conferred on it or assigned to it by the Board.

Senate Secretary

The Secretary of Senate is a non-voting member elected by Senate for a three-year term. The Secretary of Senate is normally the first person to contact with questions or issues about Senate or its work. For additional information concerning The Senate of Mount Saint Vincent University, contact Senate Secretary Professor Paula Crouse (

Members of the Senate 2020-2021

The President of the University serves as the Chair of Senate, and while the Senate is composed of ex-officio members, student representatives, and faculty, including librarians and full-time laboratory instructors, the faculty group forms the majority of its membership.

Ex Officio Members
President, Dr. Mary Bluechardt, Chair
Vice-President Academic and Provost, Dr. Julie McMullin
Vice-President Administration, Mr. Mustansar Nadeem 
Dean of Arts & Science, Dr. Carrie Dawson
Dean of Professional Studies, Dr. Kim Kienapple
Dean of Education, Dr. Antony Card
University Librarian, Ms. Tanja Harrison
Registrar, Mr. Paul Cantelo
Acting Director of Teaching and Learning, Dr. Katherine Darvesh
Interim Associate Vice-President – Research, Dr. Derek Fisher
Associate Vice-President – Student Experience, Ms. Paula Barry Mercer

Faculty Representatives (19)
Dr. Adriana Benzaquén:  January 1, 2020 – June 30, 2022
Dr. Geneviève Boulet:  July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2022
Dr. Germaine Chan:  July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2023
Dr. Danielle Cox:  October 1, 2019 – June 30, 2022
Ms. Judy Fraser Arsenault:  July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2023
Dr. Tina Harriott:  July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2023
Dr. Elsie Henderson:  July 1, 2018 – December 31, 2020
Prof. Elizabeth Hicks:  July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2023
Dr. Nargess Kayhani:  July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2021
Ms. Lindsey MacCallum:  July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2023
Dr. Stephen Perrott:  July 1, 2018 – December 31, 2020
Dr. Diane Piccitto:  July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2022
Dr. Meredith Ralston:  July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2023
Dr. Krista Ritchie:  July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2021
Dr. Jonathan Roberts:  July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2023
Dr. Cornelia Schneider:  January 1, 2020 – June 30, 2022
Dr. Corey Slumkoski:  January 1, 2019 – June 30, 2021
Dr. Amy Thurlow:  July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2023
Vacancy (1):  When Elected – June 30, 2023
Vacancies (2):  January 1, 2021 – June 30, 2023

Note: Italics denote terms which do not include the entire academic year.

Student Representatives (As of May 1, 2020)
Interim President of Students’ Union Designate  –  Mr. Templeton Sawyer
Interim Vice-President Advocacy  –  Ms. Jesse Sutherland
Education Representative  –  Vacant
Interim Professional Studies Representative  –  Ms. Cheyenne Hardy 
Graduate Student Representative  –  Ms. Katerina Allan
Arts & Science Representative  –  Vacant

Secretary of Senate
Prof. Paula Crouse:  July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2021



Revised: July 28, 2020

Dates of Senate and Senate Executive Meetings 2020-2021


Senate Meetings at a Glance

Senate Executive Meetings