Shortly after each Senate meeting, a notice of business concluded is posted here for quick reference by members of the University community.

These notices will be removed when approved minutes are posted.

New or revised policies will be posted to the website and to the Policy Central as soon as possible.

Further details about an item of business can be obtained by referring to the Senate agenda (for lists of curriculum changes, for instance) or to supporting materials available on the Intranet, or by contacting the Secretary of Senate.

Senate approved:

  • The Minutes of the February 28, 2020, meeting
  • Changes to WIC’s Terms of Reference, Bylaw 14.10.1
  • Ratification of Senate Executive’s motion due to significant disruption of operations
  • Ratification of Senate Executive motions for grade changes
  • Ratification of Senate Executive motions regarding Convocation
  • Ratification of Senate Executive motion regarding University Bridging Program (UBP) and Graduate Preparatory Program (GPP) registrations
  • Ratification of Senate Executive’s nomination of Tina Harriott for Senate Parliamentarian continuing as of July 1
  • Several graduate and undergraduate curriculum changes (See agenda for details.)
  • The Interim Strategic Research Plan
  • A slate of nominees for standing committees of Senate and other committees
Senate received for information:
  • Several undergraduate curriculum changes (See agenda for details.)
  • A report on elections by the Faculty Complement
  • Notice of motion re changes to the UREB ToR, Bylaw 14.3

Senate acknowledged the Senators whose terms are ending:

P. Cormier MacBurnie, T. Findlay, D. Fisher, G. MacDonald, J. MacLeod, D. Plumb, S. Seager, D. Shiner, R. Zuk