Shortly after each Senate meeting, a notice of business concluded is posted here for quick reference by members of the University community.

These notices will be removed when approved minutes are posted.

New or revised policies will be posted to the website and to the Policy Central as soon as possible.

Further details about an item of business can be obtained by referring to the Senate agenda (for lists of curriculum changes, for instance) or to supporting materials available on the Intranet, or by contacting the Secretary of Senate.

April 29, 2022

Senate approved:

  • Minutes of April 1, 2022
  • Revisions to Bylaw 1.1
  • Revisions to Bylaw 10.4.1
  • DEF Calendar entry revisions
  • Guidelines for setting Academic Calendar dates
  • Revisions to Rules of Order 15.3.8 & 15.5.4
  • Revisions to Policy on Responsible Conduct of Research
  • Awarding of Professor Emeritus status on Dr. Mallika Das

Senate elected:

  • Dr. Jonathan Roberts to serve as Senate’s representative on the Selection Committee for the Director of Teaching and Learning

Senate received for information:

  • Graduation list procedures
  • Notice of motion for revisions to Bylaw 12.2.4 & Rule 15.5.4
  • External review schedule

Senate acknowledged service of J. Lumsden, Interim Associate VP Student Experience, Student Senators whose terms were ending–K. Allan, N. Buchanan, M. Gillis, C. Hardy, M. Shortt Robertson–and R. Lumpkin, Interim President.