Our people are our foundation

The Mount’s mission reads: we are committed to academic excellence, and our passion is a rich and rewarding experience. That experience is made possible by staff and faculty who are engaged in meaningful work each day that make a difference for those who work, live and study on our campus. With a strong history tied to social justice and social responsibility, it’s no surprise that many members of our community are also engaged in work beyond our campus. Informal and formal recognition opportunities are available across the University community, and are coordinated with the support of our Human Resources Department.

Informal Recognition Program: “Giving Thanks”

Whether someone made your day with a kind gesture, took the time to help you with a project, or showed initiative to lead a significant university-wide program, acknowledging their contributions is important.

Thank You Cards

Consider sharing a hand-written “Thank You” card. Available at no cost to employees, these notes are blank on the inside and invite peer-to-peer recognition and appreciation. Request yours today! Email thankyou@msvu.ca.

Formal Recognition Program

Long Service Recognition Program

Each year the President hosts a Long Service Recognition luncheon and dinner for staff and faculty members in recognition of their continued service to Mount Saint Vincent University. The Long Service Recognition ceremonies are held the first Tuesday of November, and recognize permanent employees with 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, (etc.) years of service to the Mount community.

President’s Awards

The President’s Awards honour Faculty and Staff who have made a significant contribution to the Mount and our extended community. There are two awards:

  1. The President’s Award for Service to Mount Saint Vincent University: This Award recognizes an employee who has made a significant contribution to the University community and in advancing the Mount’s strategic plan.
  2. The President’s Award for Volunteer Service to the Extended Community: This Award recognizes an employee who has made a significant volunteer contribution to the Mount’s extended community.

All members of the Mount community are invited to nominate employees for these awards. For more information and nomination forms, visit the Mount’s Intranet (login required).