Consultation questions

The following consultation questions formed the basis of the extensive consultation undertaken in the development of MSVU’s 2021-2028 Strategic Plan: Strength Through Community:

  1. Do all of the goals of MSVU’s most recent strategic plan remain relevant?

    -Maintain a high quality teaching, learning and research environment
    -Recruit and retain a diverse, engaged and successful student population
    -Continue to lead in the advancement of women and social justice causes
    -Foster a campus community marked by respect, inclusion and engagement
    -Secure the resources needed to ensure our university flourishes
  2. What changes or additions would you make to the university’s goals?
  3. How will MSVU succeed in achieving its goals?
  4. How can you support the university in achieving its goals?
  5. Do opportunities exist for MSVU to form strategic partnerships? With which organizations and why?
  6. What qualities do you think define MSVU?
  7. What do you think MSVU aspires to be as a university? Is there anything it should aspire to be (that it may not be currently, or is in early stages)?
  8. What do you value most about MSVU?
  9. What is the most important thing shaping or affecting MSVU right now?
  10. How do you think MSVU will get from where it is today to where it needs to be in the future?
  11. Are our students graduating with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive and succeed? If so, why? If not, why not?
  12. What issues noted in the environmental scan do you think will have the biggest impact on MSVU?
  13. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Consultation summary

As part of the MSVU strategic planning consultation process, members of the University’s Senior Leadership Team and Strategic Plan Working Group have connected with the following:

  • MSVU Senate
  • MSVU Board of Governors
  • All academic departments, including the Library team, Teaching & Learning and Online Learning
  • MSVU faculty and staff
  • MSVU students, including student leaders
  • All administrative groups
  • MSVU Management Forum
  • MSVU committees
  • Alumni
  • Co-op employers
  • Donors
  • Government representatives at all levels
  • Atlantic Association of Universities
  • Partner organizations, e.g. EduNova, Halifax Partnership
  • Prospective students from Halifax-area high schools