Masks still required in Health and Counselling Offices on campus

Please be advised that there are certain exceptions to the change in mask protocol at MSVU effective June 25. Masks continue to be mandatory in MSVU’s Health and Counselling Offices (including Career Counselling), and Accessibility Services. This means that masks must continue to be worn at all times in these particular areas, including for the duration of appointments and in reception and waiting areas. Students, faculty, staff, and visitors are asked to bring their own masks when attending campus.

Masks are strongly recommended in common indoor areas on campus, including:

  • classrooms,
  • the library (except private study rooms),
  • computer labs,
  • corridors,
  • washrooms,
  • the dining hall and Seton Café (except while seated to eat/drink),
  • athletics facilities,
  • building lobbies, and
  • elevators.

Forgot your mask?

If you need a mask in a pinch, you can pick one up at one of the following locations:

  • Assisi Security Desk – staffed 24/7 (Assisi Hall main entrance)
  • Library Circulation Desk (Main floor, EMF)
  • Athletics & Recreation main desk (2nd floor, Rosaria Student Centre)
  • Seton Café (2nd floor, Seton Academic Centre)

Choosing a mask and proper fit

A non-medical mask should:

  • be made of at least 3 layers, including
    • at least 2 layers of tightly woven fabric, like cotton
    • a middle layer of filter-type fabric, like a non-woven polypropylene
  • use materials that are breathable

When choosing a mask, proper fit is very important. A well-fitting mask should:

  • allow for easy breathing
  • fit securely to the head with ties or ear loops
  • maintain its shape after washing and drying
  • be comfortable and not require frequent adjustments
  • be made of tightly woven material fabric (like cotton or linen)
  • be large enough to completely and comfortably cover the nose, mouth and chin without gaps

For information on how to properly wear and care for your mask, visit the Nova Scotia website.