In 2014, the Social Responsibility Working Group was formed to draft a statement outlining the Mount’s major commitments to social responsibility. To do this, the working group conducted a campus-wide consultation to gain valuable insight on what the community felt were the most important elements of social responsibility at the Mount. Over the span of two years, a statement was drafted and edited, with extensive feedback from the community, and was passed by Senate and the Board of Governors in Fall 2016.

The statement reads:

The Mount’s commitment to social responsibility extends from its founding to the present day. We work together to foster a diverse, just, and inclusive learning community, on campus and beyond.

Our students, faculty, staff and Board of Governors are committed to the dissemination and creation of knowledge that advances social well-being. We are committed as well to respecting and drawing upon different ways of knowing. Through research, scholarship, and community engagement, we teach and learn about societal concerns, including justice, peace, democracy, equity, and environmental sustainability.

The Mount is dedicated to addressing the needs of all students, including the particular needs of women, under-represented groups, and those who face barriers to completing their education. We offer students opportunities to embrace the possibilities and challenges of creating and using knowledge to contribute to a healthier, more just and environmentally sustainable world.

As a university dedicated to social responsibility, we continually strive to improve our practices in ways that are transparent and accountable to our community.