2018 Survey of Graduating Students

What students say about the Mount

  • Professors were the top reason students would recommend the Mount
  • 99% of students were satisfied with the class size
  • 96% of students were satisfied with library research assistance

What our graduates valued…

Having really great professors that take the time to know their students and really care about what they are doing.

The small environment and kind demeanor of those on campus. Faculty, staff, and students are all pleasant and want to help.”

90% of undergraduates would recommend the Mount.

2017 National Survey of Student Engagement

Mount’s student population

Compared to other Canadian universities:

  • More first generation transfer students
  • More students diagnosed with a disability
  • Work 3-7 more hours per week
  • Twice as many students enroled in online courses

How Mount students apply knowledge

Students students at the Mount are more likely to include diverse perspectives in course discussions and assignments (55% at MSVU compared to 45% at other Atlantic Canadian Universities).

Campus environment

First year Mount students report more quality interactions with academic advisors (47% at MSVU compared to 39% at other Atlantic Canadian Universities).

About the surveys

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

The National Survey of Student Engagement is an online survey distributed to first year and senior level undergraduate students. Student engagement in the main focus of this survey – it examines how students spend their time and what they gain from attending university. In coordination with other Canadian universities, the Mount agreed to participate in the NSSE survey every 3 years.

Survey of Graduating Students

The Mount’s Survey of graduating students is conducted by the Office of Institutional Analysis on an annual basis. This survey focuses on how satisfied Mount students are with their experiences at the university. Students are asked a series of satisfaction and rating questions while reflecting on their time at the Mount.

This is an online survey that is emailed to Mount graduates after both spring and fall convocations. The data from both convocations are examined together and a report is created.