Sustainability, Energy Efficiency and Deferred Maintenance

The Mount’s Facility Improvement Project (FIP) encompasses three key initiatives: Sustainability, Energy Efficiency and Deferred Maintenance. Approximately 40 projects will impact every buidling across campus to better meet the needs of the Mount community and to reduce our carbon footprint. For the last fiscal year, these efforts realized savings of more than 20% over previous years, and were achieved through the following projects:

Central Heating Plant conversion – our heating plant conversion has provided us the option to use natural gas as a fuel supply. As a result, the Mount has become the natural gas hub (enabler) for the Clayton Park community.

Lighting retrofit – lighting fixtures continue to be replaced throughout the campus from T12 (40W) to T8 (32W) bulbs, resulting in a 25% reduction in energy consumption. We have also converted our exterior lighting from 150W incandescent and halon to 55W metal halide, reducing energy consumption and improving lighting quality

Washroom fixtures – campus-wide installation of new low-flow toilets has resulted in a 40% reduction in water consumption.

Windows – energy-efficient windows were installed in Evaristus.

Intelligent Building Automation Systems – these systems will conserve energy and improve occupancy comfort. This work is ongoing as we adapt it to meet user demands.

Assisi air handling unit – the unit has been replaced with a heat reclaiming model that is 50% more efficient.

Roofing – roofs have been replaced atop Seton, Rosaria and the E. Margaret Fulton Centre, doubling the previous insulation levels, decreasing the amount of heat loss and improving overall air quality within the building.

Computers and monitors – we have replaced old monitors and personal computers with new energy efficient models, including a sleep mode feature.

Ventilation systems – we are installing occupancy sensors and heat recovery systems to maximize efficiencies, including the utilization of an automated scheduling program.

Water-cooled condensing unit – conversion to a direct digital system in Seton has dramatically reduced water consumption.

Central Heating Plant – a change to the chemical control program is now giving the Mount better control of the chemical system and reducing the loss of treated water.

Seton Café HVAC system – upgrades to the supply, exhaust and air distribution systems in the kitchen/servery and dining room areas in Seton Café have resulted in heat recovery.