Welcome to Mount Saint Vincent University’s Board of Governors


The Board of Governors’ Policies and Procedures Manual (aka Board Manual) was developed to help you as a Board member access the information and tools needed to carry out your fiduciary responsibilities to Mount Saint Vincent University.

Some tools/materials may be confidential; those that are, will be available by logging into the Board of Governors’ SharePoint site.  These will be clearly marked, and a link to the item within SharePoint provided; your username and password will be needed for login.

If you have questions that require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Kim Campbell, University Governance Secretary (aka Board Secretary), by email at kim.campbell@msvu.ca or by telephone at 902-457-6436.


Note:  If you are a new Board Member, you may want to check out the “Board of Governors’ New Member Handbook“.  It is an “at your fingertips” guide to answers to those initial questions you might have when you join the Board of Governors.

A. About the Mount

Below you will find a number of links to general information that will help familiarize you with Mount Saint Vincent University.

Updated:  March 18, 2022

B. Mount People

Check out some of Mount Saint Vincent University’s great people:


Updated:  August 28 2022

C. Meet the Board

Below please find a link to information on the Mount’s Board members, meeting agendas, and Board meeting outcomes (current and past).


Updated:  August 25, 2022

D. The Senate

E. Strategic Plan

Beginning in 2019, Mount Saint Vincent University, let by its President, Dr. Mary Bluechardt, embarked on a strategic planning process.  On November 26, 2020, following endorsement by MSVU’s Senate, the Board of Governors of Mount Saint Vincent University approved the new strategic plan, “Strength Through Community – Strategic Plan 2021-2028″.  Documents related to the strategic plan are listed below.  For a full overview of the strategic planning context, themes, and process, please visit the Strategic Plan website.


Updated:  August 28, 2022

F. University Charter and Board Bylaws

Updated:  March 11, 2021

G. Board Roles and Responsibilities

** indicates items for which login to the Board SharePoint site is needed.


Updated: March 18, 2022

H. Board Reference Materials and General Information

Board Reference Materials

General Information

  • External Associations
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Other Metro University Contacts

Updated:  March 16, 2021

L. Board Approved Policies

Below you will find an alphabetical listing of policies approved by the Board of Governors; for a list of these polices sorted by the Board committee responsible, please refer to this separate list at  Board Policies.

For a complete list of University policies, approved by the Board of Governors, MSVU Senate, and/or University Administration, please visit the Mount’s Policy Central site.

Updated:  March 16, 2021