MSVU Accessibility Advisory Committee

In 2017, the province of Nova Scotia passed the Accessibility Act, that recognizes accessibility as a human right. This act outlines how the province will remove barriers and work towards having an accessible Nova Scotia by 2030. Designated as a public body by the province, Mount Saint Vincent University is responsible for creating a comprehensive multi-year accessibility plan and presenting it to the government by April 2022. The plan is to be reviewed annually and updated at least every three years, in accordance with the province’s Accessibility Act.

MSVU’s Approach

The Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC) at MSVU was formed in November 2020 with the intention of providing recommendations and creating the plan that will guide MSVU towards becoming an accessible institution. The objectives of the AAC aligns with MSVU’s Strategic Plan and the institutional commitment to EDIA.

Aligned with the areas of focus identified by the province, the AAC at MSVU has formed smaller working groups around eight areas of focus:

  • Awareness and Capacity Building
  • Built Environment
  • Employment
  • Delivery of Goods and Services
  • Information and Communication
  • Teaching, Learning and Research
  • Transportation
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

The AAC consists of members from the MSVU community include students, staff and faculty, as well as a couple of community members that work in the realm of Accessibility within Nova Scotia. At least half of the representatives that sit on the committee are individuals who identify as having a disability and/or are representatives from organizations that represent persons with disabilities.

Next Steps

The AAC at MSVU has committed to holding two town halls in relation to the development of the multi-year accessibility plan. The intention of these town halls is to provide a safe environment for members of the MSVU community to openly discuss the areas of commitment based on the Nova Scotia Post-Secondary Accessibility Framework and share their ideas and experience on what accessibility means at MSVU. The first was held on December 3rd, 2021 for International Day of People with Disabilities. The second town hall will be held sometime in Spring 2022, upon the initial completion of the multi-year accessibility plan.