Nominations may be submitted at any time; however, nominations will next be reviewed Fall 2024.

Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa (DHumL)

The Mount takes great pleasure in adding to its community distinguished individuals whose accomplishments are consistent with the mission of the university. Such individuals are granted the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters – an honour which can only be bestowed by the University Chancellor at the request of Senate. The Convocation at which the degree is awarded is greatly enriched by the presence of honorary graduands who share the joy of the occasion.

We look to honour worthy recipients who have contributed to the betterment of society and humanity in any field, but in particular, improvement of the status of women, contribution to higher education, humanitarian and social service, involvement with and fostering of culture and the arts, or leadership in a field of endeavour.

Members of the University community, alumnae and friends of the University are encouraged to submit nominations.

Nominations are submitted to the Secretary of Senate electronically or by post. The nomination form is available in Acrobat PDF format and in Word.

Please provide a statement indicating how the contributions of the candidate are consistent with the mission statement, and into which category her or his achievement falls. Please append to the form sufficient material to provide evidence to support the rationale, but please be selective in choosing material from the web.

The procedure for selecting honorary graduates is governed by the By-Laws of Senate. Please note the following points.

  • Nominations must be signed. As of March 1, 2019, the names of the nominators will no longer be removed prior to the distribution of the dossiers.
  • Elected Canadian political figures will not be nominated for honorary degrees until the completion of their current political office.
  • Nominations are taken to Senate through the Tributes Committee. Senate’s vote is confidential.
  • The names of honorands are not released until shortly before the convocation at which they are honoured, an occasion which may take place within three years of the nomination. Please note, therefore, that apart from the acknowledgement of the nomination, a nominator will not know the outcome of the process until a public announcement is made.
  • Only in exceptional circumstances may honorary degrees be awarded posthumously, for example, when the candidate has been approached and accepted the honour but died before it could be conferred.

1971 – 2024

(† = deceased)

The Honourable Madam Justice Rosalie Abella, BA, LLB, DHumL (1989)
† Mary Janet (Jane) Abram, BEd, DHumL (2018)
Eugenia Addy, BSc(Hons), PhD, DHumL (2022)
† Marguerite Andersen, PhD, DHumL (1999)
† Doris H. Anderson, CC, BA, LLD, DHumL (1992)
The Honourable Louise Arbour, BA, LLL, LLD, DCL, DHumL (2001)
Berit Ås, MP, DHumL (1991)
Gail Asper, OC, OM, LLD, DHumL (2017)

Ninette Babineau, BME, MM, DHumL (1995)
† Constance McGrath Baird, BA, DHumL (1985)
Catherine A Banks, BA, BEd, DHumLitt (2015)
Barbara Barde, BA, MA, DHumL (1997)
Maude Victoria Barlow, BA, LLD, DLitt, DHumL (2016)
† R. Nita Barrow, Dame of St. Andrew, LLD, DSc, FRCM, DHumL (1988)
† Sheela V. Basrur, OOnt, BSc, MD, MSc, DHuML (2008)
† Sonja Bata, OC, LLD, DHumL (1989)
Marie Battiste, OC, FRSC, BS, EdM, EdD, DHumL (2022)
The Honourable Monique Begin,OC, CP, PC, MP, MA, HonPhD, DHumL (1982)
The Honourable Wanda Thomas Bernard, PhD, CM, ONS, DHumL (2023)
† Rosalie Bertell, GNSH, BA, MA, PhD, DHumL (1985)
† Edris Leatrice Bird, BA, DipEd, MA, EdD, DHumL (1994)
† The Honourable Florence Bird, CC, LLD(Hon), DHumL (1974)
Cindy Blackstock, PhD, DHumL (2016)
Roberta Bondar, OC, OOnt, BSc (Agr), MSc, PhD (Neurobiology), MD, FRCP (C) (Neurology), DHumL (1990)
† Roy Bonisteel,CM, DLitt, DD, LLD, DHumL (1983)
† Elisabeth Mann Borgese,CM, BA, Dip Music, DHumL (1986)
The Honourable Jocelyne Bourgon, CP, OC, BA, MBA, DHumL (1998)
Louise Bradley, CM, DHumL (2019)
† The Honourable Rosemary (Wedderburn) Brown, PC, OC, OBC, CD MLA, BA, MSW, DHumL (1981)
† The Honourable Sister Peggy Butts, BA, BEd, MA, PhD, LLD, DHumL (2001)
Winnie Byanyima, BSc, MSc, DUniv, DHumL (2017)

† June Callwood, CC, OOnt DU, DSLitt, LLD, DLitt, DHumL (1993)
† Sr. Paule Cantin, SC, BA, MA, DHumL (1990)
Margaret Casey, CM, MD, LLD, DHumL (2012)
† The Honourable Thérèse Casgrain,CC, OBE, LLD, DHumL (1977)
Margaret Catley-Carlson,OC, BA (Hons), LLD, LITTD, DHumL (1990)
The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson, PC, CC, CMM, CD, DHumL (2008)
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, AB, JD, DHumL (1995)
† John H. Coleman, KM, LLD, DHumL (1981)
F. Anthony Comper, BA, DHumL (1995)
† Janet Conners, DCL, DHumL (1997)
Margaret Conrad, OC, PhD, DHumL (2007)
† Jill Kerr Conway, BA, PhD, DHumL (1980)
The Honourable Paula A. Cox, CBE, JP, DHumL (2024)
The Honourable Jane Cordy, BEd, DHumL (2023)
Joan Craig, CM, DHumL (2007)
† Mary Helen Creighton, CM, LLD, DesL, DCL, DHumL (1982)
† Elizabeth Cromwell, DHumL (2014)
Lorna Crozier, DHumL (2013)

Natalie Zemon Davis, CC, PhD, FAAAS, FBA, DHumL (2015)
Catherine (Kiki) Delaney, CM, LLD, DHumL (2014)
† Graham Dennis,CM, BA, DCL, DHumL (2006)
The Honourable Anne S. Derrick, BA (Hons), LLB, DHumL (1999)
† Olive Patricia Dickason, CM, BA, MA, PhD, DLitt, LLD, DHumL (1999)
† John Dickey, QC, BA, LLB, LLD, DHumL (1981)
Arlene Dickinson, DHumL (2010)
Elizabeth Dowdeswell, OC, BScHEc, MSc, DDL, DHumL (1998)
Michelle Douglas, DHumL (2024)
† Anita (Rosenblum) Dubinsky, BSc, DHumL (1983)
† Muriel Duckworth,CM, BA, DipEd, DHumL (1978)

Mary Eberts, LLM, DHumL (1988)
† Jean Bethke Elshtain, DHumL (2012)
Françoise Enguehard,  BA, MA, DHumL (2018)
Judy Erola, PC, DHumL (1992)

Leilani Isabella Farha, BA, MSC, LLB, DHumL (2015)
† Sister Irene Farmer, SC, LHD, DHumL (1981)
† The Honourable Sylvia Fedoruk,OC, SOM, BA, MA, DSc, LLD, FCCPM, DHumL (1993)
† Evelyn Fitzgerald, SC, BA, MA, PhD, DHumL (1986)
Deanne Fitzpatrick, BA, MEd, DHumL (2022)
Louise Fleischmann, DHumL (2005)
† Maureen Forrester, CC,QC, LLD, DLitt, DMus, DHumL (1992)
Elizabeth Fountain, DCnL, DHumL (2017)
Margaret Anne Fountain, CM, BHE, DHumL (2021)
The Honourable Mayann Francis, ONS, BA, MPA, DHumL (2008)
† Ursula Franklin, CC, OOnt, PhD, FRPI, DSc, DHumL (1986)
Margot A. Franssen, BA, DHumL (1995) OC
Sheila Fraser, FCA, DHumL (2011)
The Honourable Myra A. Freeman, CM, ONS, DHumL (2004) ONS
Monique Frize,OC, BASc, MBA, MPh, HonDEng, HonDSc, HonD, PhD, PEng, DHumL (2006)
† E. Margaret Fulton, OC, BA, MA, PhD, LLD, DHumL (1994)

† Mavis Gallant, CC, LLD, DHumL (1999)
† Mary Lua Gavin, SC, BA, MSc, DHumL (1981)
† Sylva Gelber, OC, LLB, DHumL (1976)
Deborah Gillis, MA, DHumL (2018)
† Joan Glode, CM, MSW, DHumL (2012)
† The Honourable Constance Glube, OC, ONS, BA, LLB, LLD, DHumL (1998)
Dale Godsoe, CM, BA, BEd, MA, DHumL (1997)
Judith Gold, CM, DHumL (2002)
† Ruth Goldbloom, OC, DipPE, DHumL (1985)
Charlotte Gray, BA, DipSocAdmin, LSE, DHumL (1995)
† Cora de Jong Greenaway, CM, DFA, FRSA, DHumL (2003)
Naomi Elizabeth Griffiths, OC, BA, MA, PhD, DHumL (1994)
Agnes Grossmann, DHumL (1991)

† Mary Albertus Haggerty, SC, BA, MA PhD, LLD (Civil), DHumL (1985)
† Marie Hamilton, DHumL (1985)
† Ruth Hammond, APR, BA, ABC, DHumL (1998)
Sharon Hampson, CM, DHumL (1996)
Richard Hansen, CC, OBC, DHumL (2019)
† The Most Reverend James M. Hayes, JCD, DHumL, DD (1985)
Chantal St-Cyr Hébert, OC, BA, DHumL (2015)
Maxine Antoinette Henry-Wilson, MP, DHumL (2004 – Jamaica)
Angela Hewitt, OC, DU, LLD, B.Mus., ARCT, DHumL (2003)
† The Honourable Henry Hicks,CC, QC, BSc, BCL, MA, DCL, DEd, LLD, DHumL (1981)
Arlie Hochschild, BA, MA, PhD, DHumL (2013)

Linda Inkpen, CM, OC, MD, DHuml (2006)
†Anne Innis Dagg, CM, BA (Hons), MA, PhD, Hon DSc, DHumL (2020)

Roberta Jamieson CM, LL.B., LL.D., DHumL (2010)
Stephen A. Jarislowsky, CC, GOQ, DHumL (2012)
† Lena Isabel Coldwell Jodrey, DHumL (1986)
† The Honourable Rita Joe, CM, PC, LLD, DHumL (1998)
† Josephine Johnson, DHumL (2010)
† Ruth Johnson, DHumL (1991)
Jessie Jollymore, BScN, DHumL (2021)
Lynn Jones, BA, Hon D Hum, DHumL (2020)
Donald Julien, OC, ONS, HDCL, DHumL (2008)

Maureen Kempston Darkes, OC, OOnt, DHumL (2013)
† Betty Kennedy, OC, DHumL (1989)
Nuala Kenny, OC, SC, BA, MD, FRCP(C), DHumL (1992)
Verna Kirkness, CM, BA, BEd, MEd, DHumL (1990)
Maria Klawe, PhD, DHumL (2009)

† Margaret Wade LaBarge, CM, BA, BLit (Oxon), DHumL (2003)
Huguette Labelle, CC, BSc, BEd, MEd, PhD, LLD, DHumL (1994)
Phyllis Lambert, OC, CC, GOQ, CQ, FRAIC, RCA, LLD, DHumL (1992)
† Jeanne Lamon, CM, DHumL (2007)
Aldéa Landry, CP, CM, QC, BA, LLB, DHumL (2004)
Michele Landsberg, OC, BA (Hons), DCL, LLD, DHumL (1991)
Dennice Leahey, CM, BA, DHumL (2014)
Suzie LeBlanc, DHumL (2013)
Mary Jo Leddy, CM, BA, BEd, MA, PhD, LLD, DHumL (1994)
† Gabrielle Leger,CC, DHumL (1979)
Megan Leslie, BA, LLB, DHumL (2018)
Julia Levy, OC, BA (Hons), PhD, DU, FRS, DHumL (1990)
† Daurene Lewis, CM DTSN, DHumL (1993)
Lascelles Lewis, OD, DHumL (2001)
Stephen Lewis, CC, DHumL (2010)
† Lois Lilienstein, CM, BMS, DHumL (1996)
† Marjorie Adeline Lindsay, LLD, DHumL (2016)
† Jean Little, CM, BA, DLit, HonEdD, DHumL (1996)
Linda Lundström, DHumL (2002)

Last updated: May 28, 2024

1971 – 2023

(† = deceased)

† Eva Waddell Mader Macdonald, MD, CM, DPH, DHumL (1975)
† The Honourable Flora MacDonald, CC, ONT, PC, MP, DHumL (1979)
† Shelagh Mackenzie-Tasker, DHumL (2003)
† Rita MacNeil,CM, ONS, DLitt, DHumL (1993)
Dawn MacNutt BA, MSW, DHumL (2005)
The Honourable Antonine Maillet, CP, CC, OQ, MA, DesL, DLitt, LLD, DHumL (1987)
Daphne Marlatt, CM, BA, MA, HonDL, DhumL (2004)
† Beverley Mascoll, CM, BA, LLD, DHumL (2001)
Lou Massa, BS, MS, PhD, DHumL (2019)
Elisabeth Maxwell, BA, Dphil, DHumL (1999)
Elizabeth May, OC, LLB, DHumL (2000)
Marnie McBean, BA, LLD, DHumL (2001)
The Honourable Margaret McCain, OC, ONB, BA, BSW, HonLLD(5), DHumL(2005)
† Sister Francis d’Assisi McCarthy, SC, BA, MA, PhD, LLD, DHumL (1983)
† Thelma Herman McCormack, BA, DHumL (1989)
† Alexa McDonough, OC, ONS, DHumL (2009)
Catherine McKinnon, DHumL (2004)
The Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, PC, DHumL (2002)
Catherine McQueen, BA, BJ, DHumL (1995)
Ann Medina, MA, HonLLD(2), DHumL (2004)
† Norah Michener, CC, PhD, DLitt, LLD, DHumL (1972)
Brenda Milner, CC, OQ, PhD, ScD, LLD, DScSoc, FRS, FRSC, DHumL (1988)
Dorothy Moore, CM, ONS, CSM, BA, BEd, MEd, DHumL (2002)
Bram Morrison, CM, DHumL (1996)
Alleyne Murphy, BscHEc, MSc, PDt, DHumL (1997)
† M. Irene McQuillan Murphy, BA, DHumL (1982)
Anne Murray, CC, ONS, DHumL (2016)

† Agnes Nanogak, DHumL (1985)
Samantha Nutt, MD, MSc, CCFP, FRCPC, DHumL (2011)

† Doris Ogilvie, BScSS, BA, BCL, DHumL (1980)
† Pearleen Oliver, DLitt, DHumL (1993)
† Sister Katherine O’Toole, SC, BA, MA, DHumL (1981)

† Rosa Parks, DHumL (1998)
Katherine Paterson, AB, MA, MRE, LLD, DHumL (1994)
Susan Patten, CM, ONL, DHumL (1997)
Julie Payette, CQ, BEng, MASc,DHumL (2004)
† Margaret Perry, DHumL (1990)
† Betty Peterson, BEd, DHumL (2000)
Martha C. Piper, PhD, OC, OBC, DHumL (2009)
† Mary Pratt, CC, Cert FA, BFA, LLD (Hon), Hon DFA, DHumL (1998)

Elizabeth Raum, BMus, MMus, DHumL (2004)
The Honourable Marion Reid, DHumL (2002) CM, OPEI
Mandy Rennehan, DHumL (2019)
† The Honourable Brenda Robertson, MLA, BScHEc, DHumL (1973)
† Beryl Rowland, PhD, DLitt, DHumL (1982)
Nancy Ruth, CM, BA, MA, DipTh, DHumL (1989)

† Mairi St. John Macdonald, BSc, MA, EdD, DHumL (1997)
Rick Salutin, BA(Hons), MA, HonD, DHumL (2005)
† The Right Honourable Jeanne (Benoit) Sauvé, CC, PC, MP, LLD, DSc, DHumL (1983)
† Kathleen Shannon, CM, LLD, DLitt, DHumL (1997)
† Rose Sheinin, BA, MA, PhD, FRSC, FA, AM, DHumL (1985)
Mary Simon, OC, QC, DHumL (2013)
† Myrna Slater, BScN, MPH, DHumL (1996)
† Sister Anna Gertrude Smith, SC, BA, MA, DHumL (1985)
Dorothy E. Smith, BSc, PhD, LLD, DLitt, DHumL (1999)
The Honourable Jennifer M. Smith, JP, MP, DBE, DHuml (2000)
† Laura Smith, DHumL (2003)
Margaret Somerville, AM, FRSC, DCL, DHumL (2009)
Corinne Sparks, BA, LLB, LLM, DHumL (2022)
† Mary Sparling, BA, BEd, MA, DFA, DHumL (2004)
† Vivien Mavis Srivastava, BSc(2), MSc, PhD, DHumL (2005)
Mavis Staines, DHumL (2008)
† Margaret Swan, BA, BEd, AIE, MEd, DHumL (1989)

Kathleen Taylor, BA, JA/MBA, DHumL (2015)
† Leila Thomas, C.D., DHumL (2001)
† Shirley Thomson,CC, BA, MA, PhD, DHumL (2006)
Anna Maria Tremonti, BA (Hons), Hon LLD, DHumL (2020)
† Maxine Tynes, BA, BEd, DHumL (1992)

Annette Verschuren, BBA, DHumL (1996)

Eleanor Wachtel, CM, BA, DHumL (2002)
† Lilian Wainwright, BA, MA, PhD, DHumL (1993)
† Florence Wall, BA, DipEd, MA, DHumL (1978)
† Catherine Wallace, OC, BA, MA, PhD, LLD, LLD (Civil), DHumL (1985)
Pamela Wallin, SOM, BA, LLD, Dlitt, PhD in Journalism (Honourary), DHumL (2003)
Mary Walsh,CM, DHumL (2011)
† Roberta Way-Clark, BA, DipGnt, MA, DHumL (1995)
† Pauline M. Webb, BA, AKC, STM, DHumL (1987)
Gloria Ann Wesley, BA, BEd, DHumL (2019)
Martha Westwater, SC, BEd, MA, PhD, DHumL (1996)
† Sister Marie Agnes White, SC, BA, MA, PhD, DHumL (1971)
M. Sheelagh Dillon Whittaker, BA, BSc, MBA, LLD, DHumL (2016)
Hayley Wickenheiser, OC, BKin, MSc, DHumL (2017)
Dorothy Green Wills, CM, DHumL (2007)
† The Honourable Madam Justice Bertha Wilson,CC, MA, LLB, LLD, DHumL (1984)
† Budge Wilson, CM, ONS, LL.D, DHumL (2012)
The Very Reverend Lois M. Wilson,CC, OOnt BA, BD, DD, DHumL (1984)
Sister Miriam Thérèse Winter, BMus, MA PhD, HonLHD, DHumL (2004)

Phyllis Yaffe, BA, BLS, MLS, DHumL (2011)
Ada Yonath, PhD, DHumL (2014)

Jan Zwicky, PhD, DHumL (2014)

Honorary Degree Revocation

The Hon. Judge Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, BA, LLB, LLM, DL (originally awarded 2005; revoked 2023)

Last updated:  May 28, 2024