Dr. Karen Blotnicky, Professor, Marketing


Karen Blotnicky is a tenured professor in the Department of Business and Tourism, at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, where she specializes in marketing.

Karen has worked in applied research for more than 25 years and has advised a wide range of clients for more than a decade in government, business and non-profit sectors. She holds a BA and MBA from Saint Mary’s University and a Ph.D. from Northcentral University.

Karen is also the President and Consulting Coordinator for TMC The Marketing Clinic, in Bedford, NS, a full-service marketing research and consulting firm that she operates with her husband and business partner, Michael.

Karen is a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Forum and past member of the management board of the Centre for Women in Business in Halifax. She was the small business columnist for The Sunday Herald newspaper based in Halifax from 1998 through 2009. She was also the Eastern Canadian business columnist for CBC Radio One from October 2005 through October 2007, where her weekly radio interviews were heard in cities from St. John’s to Edmonton.

Detailed Profile

Dr. Karen Blotnicky

Office: McCain Centre 405J
Phone: 902 457 6197
Fax: 902 445 2582
Email: Karen.Blotnicky@msvu.ca
Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursday 12 to 1pm

BA-Honours (Saint Mary’s), MBA (Saint Mary’s), Ph.D. (Northcentral)

Joined the Mount: 1988

Relevant Prior Work Experience:
Department of Marketing, Saint Mary’s University (1985-1988)
Small business columnist for The Sunday Herald (1998-2009)
Eastern Canada small business columnist for CBC Radio One (2005-2007)
Marketing research and consulting private practice (TMC The Marketing Clinic) (since 1993)

Courses Taught:
Principles of Marketing, Personal Selling and Sales Management, Direct Marketing, Tourism Research Methods, Marketing Research

Research Interests:
Information technology adoption among small and medium-sized enterprises, the impact of gambling-related advertising on gambling habits of adolescents, marketing orientation, managerial competencies, entrepreneurship, gender role portrayal in Canadian tourism advertising, entrepreneurial education.

Research Grants (2013-2018)
Internal Research Grants

  • The Ethics of Pharmaceutical Marketing in Canada: A Regulator’s Perspective (2019-2021)
    Principal Investigator: Dr. Karen Blotnicky
    Collaborator: Prof. Phillip Joy
    Purpose: Regulatory agencies have been tasked with oversight of the medical industry in Canada. This research will interview those who are tasked with monitoring and regulating the industry to explore their perceptions of pharmaceutical marketing within the Canadian context, their perceptions of the ethics of pharmaceutical marketing, the effectiveness of oversight, and the degree of influence that special interests may exert over the behaviour of Canada’s practicing physicians.
  • An exploration of the associations between childhood retrospection, self-efficacy and outcome expectancies for healthy eating and active lifestyle among young adults (2017-2019)
    Co-Principal Researchers: Prof. Linda Mann & Dr. Karen Blotnicky
    Purpose: As self-efficacy has emerged as a significant predictor of health behaviours, the objective of this study is to explore the associations between childhood memories of parenting styles, current self-efficacy, outcome expectancies and behaviours related to healthy eating and active lifestyle of young adults.
  • Physicians’ Perceptions of Ethical Issues Relating to Pharmaceutical Marketing in Canada (2013-2015).
    Principal Researcher: Dr. Karen Blotnicky. Co-investigator: Lori Cox, Entrepreneur & Honours BBA graduate.
    Purpose: This research grew out of Lori Cox’s Honours BBA thesis. The focus of this research is to interview doctors from across Canada to determine their views of the ethics of modern marketing approaches used by large pharmaceutical manufacturers. Research funding has ended, but data collection and research is continuing.

External Research Grants

  • APRI Women Entrepreneurship Strategy (2018-2019) ACOA Grant. Principal Researcher: Dr. Sandi Findlay-Thompson. Co-Investigators: Dr. Candace Blayney & Dr. Karen Blotnicky

Peer Reviewed Publications (2013-2018):

Journal Articles

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Conference Proceedings

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