This National Philanthropy Day (November 15), we’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to MSVU donors and supporters. Thanks to you, countless MSVU students – like science student Tammy Lauritsen – are realizing their dreams.

From support for scholarships and bursaries, to research, state-of-the-art teaching and learning spaces, and more, our donors are making the difference for so many across campus.

We are sincerely grateful.

Tammy Lauritsen - resizedMeet Tammy

Bachelor of Science student (math major) Tammy Lauritsen originally enrolled at MSVU in 1998, but moved on in the year 2000 and began working in the oil and gas industry in Alberta.

When the Alberta economy took a downturn, Tammy lost her job. With still no new job prospects a year later, she faced some challenging times, and a big decision on the best way forward.

After much reflection, she decided on a new direction: a return to university to continue her degree in mathematics. And for Tammy, there was one stand-out destination: Mount Saint Vincent University!

Tammy was already familiar with the MSVU campus culture and sense of community. She recalled fondly the time she’d spent at the University in the late 90s and the ease with which she was able to build relationships with her professors. She also looked forward to renewing her love of math and science.

Still, before returning to MSVU, Tammy had to overcome one big problem. Her prior financial challenges meant she was ineligible for government-sponsored student loans, and having been out of work for some time, she lacked the means to pay for tuition, books, and living expenses.

Fortunately, generous MSVU donors were there to offer Tammy a much-needed lifeline!

Tammy applied for funding via the Sisters of Charity Endowed Scholarship, one of the many scholarships, bursaries, and awards available to MSVU students in need. The scholarship enabled Tammy to pursue her dream of returning to MSVU. And since returning, she has become a valued member of the University community.

Motivated at first by a need to support herself, Tammy took a teaching assistant job on campus that has evolved into something more. She notes how her MSVU experiences have shaped her future and enabled her to nurture others: “It was through my TA job that I discovered I love to teach – and I plan to continue after I graduate. I love that I’m able to help so many people be successful, even in the courses they struggle with.”

And although the Sisters of Charity, the MSVU campus community, and our generous donors were pivotal in helping Tammy on the path to success, the true hero in this story of perseverance and commitment is Tammy herself.

“As horrible as it was to have my life turned upside down, I am grateful for it because I am now doing what I love. If it wasn’t for the scholarships and bursaries I received from MSVU, I would not be graduating next spring.”