Brittney Wall_smBrittney Wall is a third-year student and Resident Assistant (in Westwood) at Mount Saint Vincent University pursuing her dream of becoming an elementary school teacher. The Bermuda native is featured in the Mount’s new promotional video “See the small wonders” that will start showing in movie theaters (during the pre-show) on October 21. The video and broader campaign showcase the Mount as a small wonder offering big opportunity. Here, Brittney shares a little about her experience making the video and at the Mount generally.

What were some of your deciding factors in choosing to attend the Mount?
“The Education program was a reason for choosing the Mount for me. I was taught by six teachers in Bermuda who graduated from the Mount. I also enjoyed the homey feel of the university when I first visited – it wasn’t overwhelming and huge.”
What is your favorite aspect of the Mount?
“The people. The people are friendly, understanding and accepting. I also like that the classes are small because I like to ask questions rather than sit there; it helps me learn the way I learn best.”
What was it like being part of the “Small Wonders” video shoot?
“It was very interesting. I stood for five and a half hours in the same spot, and there was lots of pressure on me when they were doing the close up of my eye! I had to focus on a third of the camera lens. It was so much fun and such an amazing experience that challenged me to do something I have never done before. Smiling was also interesting because you have to think of things to make yourself laugh so your smile doesn’t look fake. I had a make-up artist to keep the still shots consistent which was cool. I felt like a pop star!”
What do you believe to be small wonders in your life and your life at the Mount?
“My friends. I’m beyond thankful for them because it’s crazy how much I can go through with them at the Mount. My friends are the most understanding which helps me and they always remind me to focus on myself and care for myself. I like how the Mount is so understanding of student mental health. We have such great mental health advocacy groups and initiatives here.”
Do you find that a small university such as the Mount allows you access to different opportunities/get involved more than a larger university would?
“Being that our RA (Residence Assistant) system is small, I got a chance to do this video. In general, there’s less people to compete against than in bigger schools. At a larger school I would think I didn’t have a chance so I wouldn’t apply myself to different things like this or have the chance to be in a promotional video.”
How do you benefit in your own way from having small class sizes? How do you think others may benefit?
“It allows me to ask questions and we do a lot of group work. I also really like knowing people in my classes because it makes it a lot more comfortable and creates a more engaging environment. The classes at the Mount are small and homey, the prof can go to each group at a time, and knowing your peers, you can ask them questions which is a lot easier and less stressful.”
What is one tip you’d offer to other students on how to make the most out of their experience at the Mount?
“Be open. As hard as it can be, put yourself out there! I wasn’t comfortable with certain things but I forced myself to get out of my comfort zone and had fun with it. For example, leaving home and coming to a university that is an ocean away from home was scary because I am so family orientated. However, I have been able to make my own family here that I love and care for just as much as my family back in Bermuda.”